• 2017

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Jason Su
  • Heidi Lim
  • Nathan Kwak
  • Zoey Zhao
  • Ranger Zhao, Gregory Desin

Commissioned By:

Nvidia Corporation

Designed In:


NVIDIA SPOT is a smart companion to NVIDIA SHIELD TV which let you communicate and control your smart home from anywhere. Simply plug NVIDIA Spot into any outlet to extend the wi-fi range throughout your home to enjoy an ambient virtual AI agent experience with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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  • MORE
  • NVIDIA SPOT is a compact smart accessory that lets you control your home from anywhere within your home. The size and the materials were chosen to seamlessly blend into the environment of your home. The user will no longer struggle to find the perfect location. It is designed to simply plug in to any wall outlet to start your AI home experience.

  • NVIDIA SPOT is an extended accessory to NVIDIA SHIELD TV that let you control your home from anywhere in your home with Google's advanced voice search - Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. NVIDIA SPOT is the only product that lets you choose between two most intelligent agents out in the market. NVIDIA SPOT extends wi-fi range in your home. Now your house is naturally connected to NVIDIA SPOT and NVIDIA SHIELD TV.

  • With advanced Google Assistant, NVIDIA SPOT has the ability to recognize who is using the device to personalize the user experience. Personal information will not be shared or divulged either within or outside of your network.

  • NVIDIA SHIELD works wonders with Nest devices, SmartThings ecosystem, and more. Simple speak to NVIDIA SPOT to control major resource and energy use components like the irrigation system, heater and AC to save energy and money.

    The design idea of NVIDIA SPOT is to blend into the home environment seamlessly and designed to be invited to speak into. The shiny chrome back housing was chosen to reflect the surrounding environment. The soft fabric front housing was chosen to give a softer and inviting surface to speak to and to be answered from.

    NVIDIA SPOT is the quickest and cost efficiency way to connect all your smart home devices to the central hub which is NVIDIA SHIELD TV, which is known as one of the most advanced streaming and AI entertainment devices on the market today. User will not need to worry about syncing up different smart home devices to different smart control devices. Everything will be going through the NVIDIA SHIELD TV hub. NVIDIA SHIELD TV is known for the most advanced streaming device and AI entertainment performance. With its smart companion, NVIDIA SPOT, your home quickly transform into an AI home.

    NVIDIA SPOT solved a problem of what other smart assist technology couldn't do. By utilizing NVIDIA's Tegra® processing power and beamforming technology, multiple NVIDIA SPOTs can be placed anywhere in the house, and each NVIDIA SPOT will communicate and analyze where you are to provide appropriate feedback. NVIDIA SPOT with NVIDIA SHIELD TV is the only product that processes multiple commands from multiple people, thanks to the power of NVIDIA Tegra® X1.