Zip MicroPurity™ Filtration and Safety Systems

  • 2017

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    Commercial and Industrial

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  • Zip Water Pty Ltd

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Zip Water Pty Ltd

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Zip Water, the inventors of the Instant Boiling Water category considered the following challenges when designing our new products:
– Rising energy costs
– Enhanced energy efficiency
– Poor incoming water quality
– Improved workplace productivity and user safety
– Wellbeing considerations associated with the proliferation of poor quality products imported from low cost manufacturers.

The design challenges were met by introducing a superior range with no added cost to the consumer.

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  • Zip's patented PowerPulse™, energy management technology incorporates three separate innovations: Power Pulse - delivers micro pulses of energy, accurately controlling the boiling water temperature to within 0.2°C, reducing the energy needed to store water near boiling point. Calibration technology - self-calibrating, altitude adjusting system discovers boiling point for your particular location adjusting the system to ensure that it operates effectively - providing customers with perfect boiling water temperature, without energy wasting over-boiling. G4 Energy Management System - seamlessly integrates technology which allows the Hydroboil product to monitor and adjust to its environment whilst also allowing users to customise settings for improved energy performance.

  • Cool-touch tap for Hydroboil. A unique cool-touch, two-way safety tap ensures that dispensing instant boiling water couldn't be any safer. Patented Z-Tap™ for budget priced Econoboil or Autoboil models. The Z-Tap is always “locked” and requires a small lever to be lifted in order to operate the tap and dispense boiling water.

  • Zip extensively uses 444 grade Stainless Steel for its boiling water tanks all of which are precision welded by robots in our Sydney factory. This focus on high quality materials ensures that every drop of boiling water intended for consumption is of the highest quality. Some manufacturers may use copper or lower grades of stainless steel for these tanks however these materials can leach small amounts of copper, nickel and other heavy metals into the water over time, and this is not good for human health. With Zip technology you will always get the healthiest water possible. It's why Zip is chosen in key projects around the world.

  • To ensure drinking water is healthier and better tasting, Zip MicroPurity filtration produces crystal clear, pure tasting water, free from odours and contamination. Our inbuilt filters expertly remove sediment, volatile organic compounds like lead and parasites such as cryptosporidium and giardia greater than 0.2 microns. Fluoride, which is soluble, is not removed during filtration. These are just some of the reasons why we added built-in MicroPurity as a standard inclusion for Hydroboil and Autoboil.

    Zip Water performs to the highest standards of environmental responsibility. We have taken care to ensure that all Zip on wall boiling products are manufactured sustainably. Zip Water is accredited with all of the following internationally recognized standards: - ISO14001 - Environmental Systems compliance and independently audited standards. - ISO9001 - Quality Management System. - AS/NZS 4801 - Workplace Health and Safety System.

    The Hydroboil®, Autoboil® and Econoboil® have been created by an in-house team, boasting numerous patents. Manufacturing follows “Just-in-Time” techniques to ensure an internationally competitive manufacturing facility. Approximately 50% of production from our Sydney Australia base is exported around the world to more than 70 countries.