• 2022

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    Medical and Scientific

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Clint Saban

Jasmine Sayour

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PolySpine is a unique, modular, customisable supportive exoskeleton for people with moderate to severe physical disabilities. It provides core and head support to users with physical disability so that they can participate in rehabilitative and recreational activities outside of their main wheelchair or accessibility equipment.

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  • For those living with a moderate to severe physical disability, often their daily life and activity options revolve around wheelchair accessibility. For an individual lacking in core strength or control, their options are drastically limited if adequate physical supports are not in place. This refers to everyday items or activities and equipment the individual may already own, which may not currently provide adequate physical support. This often results in individuals simply missing out on an activity which may interest them and therefore not growing as an individual and being unable to truly experience what the world has to offer.

  • PolySpine is a lightweight, portable torso and head support system intended to be used as a multi-purpose piece of equipment across multiple situations or scenarios. Once our modular exoskeleton is configured to the shape of the user’s spine by a trained Occupational Therapist, a unique torso and head support device is created including a well-fitting chest harness and lap belt. This can then be effortlessly swapped in and out of existing seating systems or recreational equipment, with a range of mounting brackets or attachment options. An inclusive environment is then created in which the user can participate.

  • PolySpine is designed to fit onto a range of attachments for activities of daily living and promotes participation and inclusion in hobbies previously never thought feasible. For those who require torso and head support, activities such as having a picnic with friends and family, playing on the beach, sitting in a camping chair around a campfire or even sitting on a stand-up paddle board, kayak or trike buggy can be achieved through using this support system. It is a device that makes the world and activities more inclusive for the user.

  • In the very early designing stages of this product, a key safety feature for PolySpine was developed. This allowed for the quick removal of an individual from the activity they were taking part in, if they were in any way put in danger. This single action motion of a support worker or family member reaching over the shoulders of the individual and pulling in the two orange release paddles located on the mounting hardware, allowed for the brace to lift and detach from the top and bottom mounting plates. The position and function of the paddles is key to this release system, as it means the support worker is in front of the individual. From here they can provide reassurance and maintain physical control over the individual by holding onto their shoulders at the same time. The key feature of our mounting hardware design is that it allows for rotation and can be attached to the mounting plates from any given angle. As the curves in some exoskeletons may be quite dramatic, due to the profile required for the wearer, the mounting hardware is still able to rotate and connect with the mounting plates.