NeoSync – Transforming Point-of-care Testing

  • 2022

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NeoSync™ is a connectivity solution for point-of-care (POC) testing devices, designed for both clinicians and vendors. It integrates with diagnostic devices, allowing them to connect seamlessly with Electronic Health Records (EHRs). It benefits clinicians by reducing data entry workloads and vendors benefit from remote access and actionable insights.

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  • In recent years, the demand for POC testing (POCT) has grown at unprecedented levels. POCT provides faster turnaround times compared to traditional laboratory testing and is increasingly used in more decentralised settings, such as clinics, emergency wards and pharmacies. Connectivity is one of the biggest challenges that product innovators in the diagnostics sector aim to solve. With data administration often being performed manually by clinicians, and vendors having limited, if any, remote access to their testing devices, decentralized POCT is error prone and lacks efficiencies. What NeoSync™ ™ offers is an innovative solution to this challenge.

  • During the design process, the team focused on creating a connectivity solution that benefits both clinicians and device vendors. Efficiency is at the forefront of the user experience, with the software designed to eliminate manual data admin for clinicians and allow remote product access for device vendors. Secure and compliant cloud-connectivity enables advanced fleet management for device vendors, and EHR connectivity simplifies integration with most popular EHR systems. The solution is designed with privacy in mind and complies withall relevant regulation.

  • Small clinics and pharmacies often run between 70 to 100 POC tests per day, typically using four to six small portable POCT instruments. Lack of connectivity between such instruments and the EHR system means clinicians spend valuable hours every day on manual data admin. NeoSync™ saves clinicians’ time and reduces the need to use paper, resulting in more accurate data, better workflows and lower environmental impact. Additionally, the remote access for device vendors means better customer service with less shipping and reduced travel for service staff, resulting in a lower environmental footprint.

  • NeoSync™ is a comprehensive and bespoke solution for POC and diagnostic instrument connectivity. It is potentially the first product that addresses two orthogonal problems of EHR connectivity and vendor insights into one clean solution. NeoSync™’ has a simple architecture which enables ready-to-use connectivity with popular on-premises EHR systems such as EPIC and CERNER, as well as cloud EHR systems such as Allscripts and AthenaHealth. It includes automated reporting and logging of results for auditability, allowing clinics to meet local regulatory requirements such as CLIA Waiver requirements in the United States. Additional key features include automated capture and logging of quality control results from instruments and advanced log analysis and remote firmware update capability, which allows vendors to improve the customer support experience and let them gain valuable insights that can assist future product development.