myAir™ Patient Engagement Platform

  • 2016

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

Commissioned By:

ResMed Ltd

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Getting used to treatment for sleep-disordered breathing can be difficult. ResMed’s myAir™ platform is a mobile responsive, interactive web application that syncs with ResMed’s Air10™ therapy devices (AirSense™ 10 or AirCurve™ 10).

Users can track their progress and receive coaching, tips and education that drives positive behaviour change and life-changing results.

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  • Users of an AirSense 10 or AirCurve 10 device can register and access myAir to receive a nightly myAir score, as well as tailored coaching and education. The website is easy to navigate and mobile responsive. It automatically resizes to provide an optimal user experience whether a patient is using a PC, Mac, Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Whether the patient is viewing their data, library content, or external messaging, myAir is designed so that each component works in harmony to provide a single cohesive experience.

  • Via wireless communication technology, a user can effortlessly access and view their latest sleep therapy data, which is automatically transmitted from their Air10 sleep device. myAir presents the user with a score that provides a snapshot of their therapy from the night before. The myAir score is made up of key individual therapy metrics, which are displayed over time to help the user track their progress. With vibrant colours and subtle animation, the myAir score is designed to be easily read and understood by the user. This promotes continued therapy usage and ultimately drives positive behaviour change and health outcomes.

  • myAir is built with a smart rules engine that triggers automated coaching and reinforcement messages, delivered via email or text, to empower users and help them stay engaged with therapy. All users receive educational tips and encouragement messages to help increase their comfort and build their confidence. Based on each user's unique usage and personal therapy data from their Air10 device, the rules enable more personal and contextual messages - providing feedback on the user's sleep therapy experience with information on how to troubleshoot concerns or issues. These messages have been carefully designed with insights drawn from sleep therapy users so as to fully understand their concerns and needs.

  • myAir provides personalised and responsive information cues known as coaching tips. These tips link to content designed to help a sleep therapy user achieve an improved experience with their equipment and overall better quality of sleep. myAir makes it easy to learn by providing a collection of informative videos and content in one central location. The library is tailored to each user's specific therapy equipment, including their sleep therapy device type and their mask model selected. By having this information easily accessible, patients can receive support for their sleep therapy at any time.

    Badges are awarded when therapy usage milestones are met and show how well a user has progressed with their sleep therapy. The badges are designed to provide a sense of achievement to the user. Users also have the ability to share their accomplishments with their support networks, (e.g. family, friends, loved ones) via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.