Visit Noosa

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

Designed By:

  • Evolution 7

Commissioned By:

Tourism Noosa

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A bespoke, contemporary website for Visit Noosa on the Roam platform. What is Roam? Roam is a destination marketing platform that’s been designed specifically for Australia’s destination marketing organisations (DMOs’) and tourism brands, and provides custom, flexible and powerful websites tailored to individual organisations.

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  • The Visit Noosa challenge was as such: build a new website that integrated existing sub-sites into the main website using intuitive content architecture; implement best UX design and function; and simplify the CMS structure so that the in-house Noosa team could work autonomously. We also created an itinerary-building platform that included personalised directions - to enhance user experience and easily connect customers with operations, experiences and destination information. Not to mention we built an effective member/operator listing page that could be easily accessed by members and allow for accommodation and tour bookings.

  • We held an IA workshop at the beginning of the project that informed all decision-making around site architecture. It enabled us to provide and predict the content that users wanted / needed to encourage more travel to the region. To do this we built a powerful search function into the site that directed users to inspiring content. We made sure the navigation moved from clunky to seamless; effectively integrated tourism databases; and added in a customised, interactive map of Noosa. The final product was a clean, bespoke site that allows users to discover and explore both the site, and the region.

  • Improved user experience was everything for this project. The site needed to be exceptionally mobile friendly - easy for users to plan trips, book accommodation, view and book events, and get up-to-date Noosa news. In regards to design, we made sure it was all aligned with the Tourism Noosa brand and that the layout really spoke to the essence of the region. We delivered a polished platform that effectively promotes visitation to the region, and gave the Visit Noosa team the ability to update and customise their own site on the go.