Munjoi All-Dai Shoe

  • 2022

  • Fashion

Designed By:

  • Patrick Hogan

Commissioned By:

Munjoi, Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

Our closets and travel bags are full of too many shoes. This is why we invented a minimal, convertible shoe, called the All-Dai, that has the ability to transform and be worn 4 different ways: A sneaker, sandal, mule and open-toe sneaker – all in one!

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  • The threat of climate change is greater than ever. Over 70 million pairs of shoes are manufactured every single day. We believe there is a need to create more thoughtfully designed footwear and we need to create LESS of it. Consumers purchase all different types of footwear based on their specific needs. Each type of single function footwear has its own carbon footprint, depletes natural resources, releases toxins, creates waste, and has its own end of life adding to micro-plastics in our land and ocean. Sneakers, sandals and backless mules are just some of the different types of popular footwear.

  • Making footwear with better material choices is a good first step but making fewer shoes is the best solution. The All-Dai shoe has the patented ability to easily transform and serve the purpose of 3 or 4 different types of footwear. By simply removing the insole and collapsing down the desired knitted heel and toe portions you can have a sneaker, sandal, mule or open-toe sneaker - all in one! It's convertible design means you can purchase fewer pairs of shoes because one does it all. This means more benefits for the consumer and less impact on our environment.

  • The threat of climate change is greater than ever and many reports state that the fashion industry is the 2nd/3rd most polluting industry on the planet. The multifunctional All-Dai shoe has the ability to greatly reduce the consumer's need for purchasing multiple different types of footwear. This could mean fewer shoes produced and fewer carbon emissions created. The simple idea of combining the benefits of multiple different types of footwear into one singular pair is groundbreaking in regard to reducing the footwear industry's environmental impact.

  • The utilitarian All-Dai shoe is stripped down to the bare essentials of only what is needed and nothing more. The goal was to not overdesign or embellish with any unnecessary bells and whistles. The entire upper is machine knitted to the almost exact shape of each piece, leaving very little waste. We believe in a future with products made from plant-based materials that are both animal cruelty-free and biodegradable. This is why we chose to use a blend of primarily cotton and hemp for our knitted upper and a plant-based EVA consisting of algae waste and sugarcane for our foam cushioning. MIT researchers found that a typical sneaker will generate around 14.0 kg of carbon emissions (CO2). Using a third party, we calculated one pair of our All-Dai shoe to be 5.87 kg CO2. Not only does our All-Dai shoe have an industry low carbon footprint but it is also Climate Neutral. That means, we calculate the total carbon emissions from one pair and then support a carbon offset project (Hydropower for the habitat of mountain gorillas in the Congo) to help lower our footprint to climate neutral.