Mr. Woo

  • 2016

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

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Mr. Woo Variety Store

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Mr. Woo (wu ren wu wu) is a Chinese-style variety store, focusing on environment-friendly, simple, and high-quality items. One gets the impression of confidence and knowledge by applying humorous elements in design, to break the conservative feeling.This makes Mr. Woo friendly, amiable, and more acceptable to the general public.

  • In the spirit of "wu ren wu wu", a person chooses what he or she likes. Literally speaking, Mr. Woo impresses people with self-realization and self-confidence, thereof “吾(wu)” is used in classical Chinese, thus in our mascot design, we highlighted Mr. Woo as a gifted youth who is humorous, confident and brilliant. The fan, the robe, the hat as well as other articles manifest styles and features of the Republic of China Era (1912-1949) and convey the quest for spirit and quality in life.

  • We apply the art of seal cutting in the style design of Mr. Woo, not only expressing the image generally, but also portraying it in details. Both the expression and the motion of Mr. Woo convey a humorous atmosphere. The mascot we designed is interesting and unique while Chinese aesthetics are well followed.

  • Mr. Woo's design looks like a monochromatic seal, which is convenient in communication and can be recognized easily.