Relish Life Packaging

  • 2023

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • Afshin Mehin - Chief Creative Officer, Card79
  • Levi Joo - Industrial Designer, Card79

Commissioned By:

Relish Life

Designed In:

United States of America

Card79 partnered with Relish Life to design monthly subscription packages and create a system that provides members with a delightful and sustainable delivery of their medication while also reinforcing the company’s commitment to holistic weight loss and mental health.

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Image: Courtesy of Card79
Image: Courtesy of Card79
Image: Courtesy of Card79
Image: Courtesy of Card79
Image: Courtesy of Card79
Image: Courtesy of Card79
Image: Courtesy of Card79
Image: Courtesy of Card79
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  • Card79 had two goals in mind for the Relish monthly subscription box: the first one was to have the smallest possible environmental footprint possible as it would be shipped every month on a recurring basis, and the second, was to shift the conversation surrounding weight loss to be less about how difficult it is to instead become a realistic and achievable goal is it which we conveyed through the friendly and approachable packaging design.

  • The box size was specifically designed for utility. The 4x6in dimensions fit all standard shipping labels. The exterior design is purposefully discreet in order to deter parcel thieves. We called the high-energy graphics “Life Salad”- since the abstract fruits and vegetation elements evoke a sense of life and growth. The outside’s plain appearance with minimal printing is counteracted by the vibrant colors that are exposed when customers remove the perforated tear-off strip on the front of the box to access the packaging contents.

  • After working closely with the Relish team to identify key aspects of the brand personality and its values, we translated these into a visual design that captures the empathetic personality of the brand. We wanted to ensure that the product delivery is full of positive messages, which is why we crafted messaging for the medication packaging that included irreverent affirmations such as “Damn it feels good to love yourself.” Relish aims to create a consumer solution and inspire customers to be their best authentic selves.

  • We amplified the Relish brand through creative, light-hearted copy and vibrant graphics, creating a cohesive brand experience across digital and physical touchpoints of the website as well as packaging to stay fully immersed in their Relish journey. For sustainability, our innovative design reduces the amount of wasteful packaging material used in each shipment. By using cardboard without polymers, the box itself is more eco-friendly. Inside contains a recyclable pouch to hold the medication, effectively circumventing traditional hard-to-recycle medicine bottles. This all works to create a sustainable, practical, and beautiful package. Relish’s product adds quality to everyday life as the brand believes there is no health without mental health and the packaging design helps drive this mission home. We also believe that mental health starts with the community, which is why we included featured member cards within every monthly package that members receive, reminding them they are not alone.