Seven Days and Nights

  • 2022

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • TIAN Zhiyou
  • Artron Design Center

Commissioned By:

WU Bei

Book Author

Designed In:


A graphic novel of modern-day oriental ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Set in a backdrop of an elite transnational business war, this book employs a delicately wavering and intriguing plot, interweaves western fashion with eastern philosophical language into a magnificent visual mirage. The target audience of the book are young Chinese readers.

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  • The author of the book Ms WU Pei commissioned the designer Mr TIAN Zhiyou to create an artistic masterpiece - a new form of book about transnational business war and elite love, interpreted with magnificent visual designs. Specifically, she asked the designer to: 1. reflect the themes of the book - "Love exists in every moment of the eternal cycle' 2. create 7 different switching scenes representing the 7 Days & Nights. 3. make each reader feel reading this book is like immersing in the brilliant world of colourful glaze.

  • The original design is inspired by the artistic tone of Alphonse Mucha’s work. The lead designer, TIAN Zhiyou, carefully analysed the main characters, scenes, conflicts and images and captured the theme with reflective orange for sunlight, silver for moonlight. Seven rainbow colors are used to match the number of chapters. Photographic images are mixture of solid, two- and multi-colours, with orange and silver undertones. 7 types of high-quality paper are used for the 7 days. Varied exquisite western and Chinese binding and type-setting adds sophistication. The acrylic book box' bright fluorescent color is used to create a glaze effect.

  • As the publishing industry across the world is turning more digital day by day, traditional paper books are facing extinction. However, books so beautifully designed and produced can never be replaced by digital books. We hope this book will contribute to elevating the standard of book design in China and across the world, and bring the younger generation back to paper books. In addition, the book is printed on environmentally friendly recyclable paper. Overall, the book's innovative and high-quality design details enabled it to win China 'Most Beautiful Book Prize' in Nov 2021 and more recently Asia Design Prize 2022.

  • Additional technical aspects of the design include: Book box: modern and fashionable fluorescent acrylic book box, text laser engraving anti-piracy plate process. Cover: wear-resistant soft feeling washed kraft paper, orange and silver two-color printing, matching gold & silver stamping transparent, pressed concave. Waist cover: natural cotton paper, hot silver and pressed concave process, rich overall sense of hierarchy. Inside: 7 types of textured environmental recyclable special paper, corresponding to CMYK, special silver, special orange, 7-color printing Binding: 14 folding hands handmade, including the challenge of 48P a folding hand limit, and a folding hand with the difference between the length of the page 4 kinds of paper Lock line: 6 7-fold lock line, including the original middle two strands of two-color dazzling jump line, and the book box natural fluorescence inside and outside reflect each other Opening: unique dragon scale binding and light matte configuration pages, double rainbow catalogue, light color implies 360 fine light Spine: the left and right bi-directional orange lines of the spine form the number 1, and the locking lines form the dazzling color number 2, a subtle artistry Specifications: 185x260x26mm international format