MotoPressor 4in1 Puncture Repair Tool

  • 2019

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Punctures happen anytime on motorcycles when riding through rough terrain, or even on the road. Most puncture repair kits are big, they have at least four tools and they are heavy to carry. On a motorcycle, it is essential to keep accessories to a minimum because of lack of space.

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  • Having used various puncture repair systems over the years, we found some shortfalls with all kits. Some kits are just a plugging system and require the purchase of additional tools, whilst all kits include 5 or more “loose” parts that are easily lost and let’s not mention the little tube of glue! Most importantly for motorcyclists, the kits are really bulky. Make no mistake, when used correctly they all work BUT they are not ideal.

  • We have designed a small, all in one puncture repair system, which can be carried in a pocket, on a belt loop or small enough to fit inside a bag containing a pump. The tool contains a pair of pliers, a rasp, an insertion tool and a knife. The tool uses pre-vulcanized repair strings and the whole package stores in a sheath.

  • The repair strings we use, are pre-vulcanized, so no more little tubes of glue. The “repair string” plugs the hole AND leaves a “patch style” repair on the INSIDE of your tyre. It is a permanent repair. The whole kit is super portable, easy to use and stores in a sheath measuring a mere 130 x 68 x 50mm.

  • Once the string is threaded through the insertion tool and pushed through the hole in the tyre, it is then turned 1.5 times, forming a “mushroom”. This stops the string from coming out of the tyre when you pull out the insertion tool. The knife itself, comes apart from the tool making it easy to cut the string after the puncture has been fixed.