Jolt Rider Shock-Mitigating Marine Seat

  • 2023

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    Automotive and Transport

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Jolt Rider

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New Zealand

Jolt Rider shock-mitigating marine seats are designed and developed specifically for the harsh marine environment for both commercial and recreational use. Engineered to mitigate wave impacts in moderate to heavy sea states by up to 60%, Jolt Rider can provide a smoother, safer, and more comfortable boating experience.

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  • Shock-mitigation systems provide dampening from repetitive impacts; the number one cause of injuries on marine vessels across all industries which has led to an increase in safety requirements. There are a range of systems in the market, however the most capable are prohibitively expensive, targeted towards military use and budgets, or only offer a partial piece of the solution. Leveraging our knowledge and learnings from previous product generations, combined with a fresh engineering approach to the shock-absorbing system, our goal for the new generation was to improve both performance and functionality, whilst reducing weight, complexity, and cost.

  • We re-developed the shock-mitigation system for a range of user weights and sea states, this removed any user-specific weight adjustments, meaning a safer and fatigue reduced performance. By moving to an internal and progressive multi-spring system we were also able to reduce the product weight by 20%, removing excess material and adding strength. This was also the result of optimising the mechanical system and arrangement of components designing out unnecessary complexities. In addition, we also moved to a simple lever-operated height adjustment mechanism which improves the use-flow for multiple users in relation to necessary ergonomic adjustments.

  • Everyone deserves the ability to obtain safety equipment. Jolt Rider is a premium performing product providing a simple and reliable solution that is easily integrated and retrofitted to existing vessels. It has a unique telescoping mechanism which provides both the shock-mitigation and the independent height adjustment within a simple multi-layered linear arrangement. It has a low visual impact while being streamlined, visually appealing, and easy to use. Jolt Rider leverages simple high-quality components and materials combined with minimal servicing and mechanical complexity requirements.

  • A key feature of the Jolt Rider is its retrofit ability using an industry-standard mount pattern, while also matching the seat position relative to the cockpit and the install location to also aid in retrofit scenarios and requiring minimal or no rework to the vessel prior to installation. The Jolt Rider is an all-in-one solution that doesn't require additional structures, mechanisms, or components to fulfill its purpose. It is an off-the-shelf easily integrated solution, yet it has the option to integrate 3rd party seating solutions if required. Our design and engineering teams were also able to re-engineer our telescoping mechanism to ensure smooth operation under loads in multiple directions and increase the capability to allow for dynamic loading. Featuring a multi-roller arrangement, the system is very low friction and requires zero maintenance with minimal moving parts. Other features include minimal space consumption, improving maneuverability and access around the deck area. Multiple seating options are also available which leverage the same core post system. Meeting the upper-level performance requirements in the market also meant we have appeal in the mid to upper market segments and a viable option compared to market leaders.