mOOvement – GPS Cattle Tracking

  • 2020

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mOOvement is a cattle tracking company that provides an end to end solution that enables producers to locate their animals and get meaningful insights and alerts. The solar powered GPS ear tag is key, as it gathers information that we process and present to producers via the mOOvement app.

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  • Managing a cattle operation comes with many challenges. Farmers spend a lot of time and money travelling across their land trying to gather information about their animals’ location, well-being and behaviours to help them make informed operational decisions. But since they rarely have enough objective data, they rely on the next best thing, experience and best guesses. Without tracking your animals, it's close to impossible to respond if animals have stopped moving or escaped, often leading to lost animals. On larger properties, mustering is extremely expensive as a lot of time is required to search for small groups of animals.

  • mOOvement produced an ear tag that tracks the GPS location of cattle. This device provides a solution for all the earlier mentioned challenges. The mOOvement app enables cattle producers to know where their cattle are at a glance. Based on the GPS locations, we can provide producers with useful insights and alerts, such as if their animal stops moving possibly due to injury, breaks out of a paddock and grazing patterns. Producers can immediately react to situations and plan ahead. Additionally, producers know exactly where to find their cattle when mustering them which saves time and money.

  • Cattle producers are constantly going through uncertain times; droughts, floods, animal losses and more. The mOOvement ear tag provides peace of mind to cattle producers by letting them check in on their animals from anywhere. Producers have better insights on grazing pattern and animal behaviours, this gives them the data driven information to reduce the chance of overgrazing and overstocking, both of which can have a very negative impact on the environment and the quality of their animals. Producers that use our product are able to make operational decisions based on data.

  • mOOvement offers the worlds first commercially available GPS cattle tracking tag. Although our technology is intended for cattle, it opens up opportunities in a variety of other areas. We have started trials with University of Queensland for Koala tracking, as well as started a project with the Smithsonian Institute who have tagged bison to gain insights on whether or not bison and cattle can coexist. Although our focus has been finding a way to get a light, robust, solar powered GPS tracker onto cattle, we are already looking into the future. We have consciously designed our PCB with space to add an accelerometer as well as an additional processing unit to do on-device analysis. Our aim is to combine even more information on what an animal is doing with its location. The key to our successful product, and perhaps the biggest challenge was designing something producers would adopt, we quickly learnt that our tag had to fit into their existing ways of working, which is why we steered away from using a collar. Our solution had to offer a closed ecosystem that's simple to set-up. With mOOvement, producers receive the app, tag and network, no other plugins are required.