PowerStack Vertical Modular Solar Poles

  • 2023

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    Furniture and Lighting

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PowerStack™ Australia

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At PowerStack™, we have reimagined off-grid solar, creating a new way to power safety, security and smart technologies. Cost-effective, sustainable electricity without the need for trenching, cabling or utility approvals, PowerStack helps save time and reduce costs on infrastructure projects. Smart power on the ground, that doesn’t cost the earth.

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  • The PowerStack poles were designed to provide reliable off-grid power for different applications, with a form that is more efficient, flexible and durable than standard panel or grid connected solar. The challenge was to create a solar product that was powerful enough to run different technology payloads on continuous runtime profiles in almost any geographical location, even in mid winter. The inherent requirement with designing a solar pole in this format is that it would need to withstand harsh environments. This technology opens up applications and use cases that traditional solar and grid connected power simply cannot serve.

  • PowerStack poles can be configured to power various technologies, regardless of the geography it’s installed in. With vertical, glassless solar modules, the design maximises sunlight harvest during winter, when the sun is lowest in the sky. This approach, coupled with 5 days battery backup, ensures the system runs year round. Where locations have varying sunlight hours dependent on proximity to the equator, we alter the number of solar panels to provide the relevant power requirement. The design also makes the poles more durable; the shatterproof panels are vandal resistant, with the hinged pole and base withstanding a Category C cyclone.

  • PowerStack is enabling reliable, sustainable power generation without the need for trenching or cabling that traditional AC requires. With no utility application and a sub 30 minute install, the poles remove much of the cost, disruption to communities and impact on the environment that accessing the grid can cause. Now, businesses and communities can deploy light systems, cameras, communications networks and smart city technologies in instances that would have been cost prohibitive due to power access. The benefits of PowerStack go beyond installation; the fully off-grid power generation means communities can rely less on electricity generated through coal fired power.

  • Sustainability: PowerStack pole extrusions are made from 60% recycled aluminium from Melbourne and the vast majority of manufacturing is done locally in Australia for that market.This ensures high quality control, keeps jobs local and reduces the carbon footprint of shipping. Durable and powerful: The rugged materials and fully integrated design are flame, vandal and flood resistant. The solar panels will produce up to 720W of power, so PowerStack can run multiple applications, such as 3 cameras on continuous run time plus communications. Each pole is designed to deliver 24/7 fully off-grid power specifically for mid-winter conditions, doubling in capacity during summer months. Plus, the system provides a 5 day battery back-up in the event of inclement weather. Aesthetically designed: The black anodised extrusions and sleek profile allow PowerStack to seamlessly integrate with its surroundings in urban environments and reduce distraction to wildlife/landscapes, whilst looking equally at home in urban city streetscapes and rural settings. Intelligent and flexible: Bluetooth, 4G and Wifi enabled, PowerStack can be used with smart technologies to connect people and spaces and drive impact for good. The design is technology/brand agnostic, and has already been used with tier 1 manufacturing companies including Cisco, Axis and Motorola.