Molloy Chair (with arms)

  • 2019

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Adam Goodrum

Commissioned By:

Nau Design

Designed In:


The Molloy chair is inspired by a rare act of nature. The idea for the artfully rounded joinery, where two elements meet and become one, comes from the unusual meeting of two rivers to form the Molloy River in WA – where Adam Goodrum hand-built a holiday home with his family.

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  • To create a beautiful, quality and elegant wooden chair for the residential and hospitality sectors, that is designed to last a lifetime.

  • The Molloy chair with arms is a practical new extension of the Molloy chair – offering a broader product range to the already popular design. It is manufactured using the highest quality materials and procedures so will last generations. It is comfortable and its arms offer support and allow for ease of movement when sitting down and standing from the chair.

  • The Molloy chair is a future icon with a design that will withstand generations. It is not a disposable product and will not contribute to landfill, as its quality production and craftsmanship will last a lifetime. Molloy is one of nau’s flagship collections and this new chair with arms will have a significant commercial impact for nau, offering a wider product range and meeting further needs in residential and hospitality markets.

  • The Molloy chair has stunning details that tell the story of the wood that its made from. The timber is cut in a way that enhances the grain, creating beautiful details on closer inspection. The joinery of the chair further enhances the movement of the grain, and tells the story of the movement of the Molloy River which inspired the chair’s design. The Molly collection is Australian made, manufactured locally in NSW.