Mod Pod

  • 2017

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • The Zenith Design Studio

Commissioned By:

The Zenith Design Studio

Designed In:


Mod Pod is a mobile meeting pod which accommodates six people.

The Modern ‘agile’ workplace requires an easily relocatable meeting booth, moved by one or two people and requires no training.

The Pod’s elements are combined to create an acoustically isolated meeting space. It comes complete with lighting and media center.

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  • Our unique design allows a meeting room for six to be easily be relocated and assembled by one person. A dynamic workplace that can be easily reconfigured is critical to the modern agile workforce. A key feature of the Mod pod is the folding roof. This allows the footprint of the booth to be halved, thereby allowing it to fit into most goods-lifts and through hallways for easy relocation.

  • Well-being of staff is at the forefront of effective workplace design. The Mod Pod panels absorb sound and help with dampening noise in an open work environment. The Mod Pod serves as a semi private, informal meeting place and is suitable for video conferencing without disrupting the wider office environment.

  • Research into organisational behaviour and the 'agile movement' provided the catalyst for the design. Research was performed on the ground at one of Australia's largest workplaces and the findings relayed directly to the designers. Workplaces once seen as alternative are now becoming mainstream. The modern workplace is generally open-plan with a large percentage of the floor being allocated to shared and collaborative work points. Among other task-based solutions, a meeting space that provides users with some level of acoustic and visual privacy is fundamental to the furniture plan.