No Thru Interlocking Security Temporary Fencing

  • 2023

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Commissioned By:

James Vadas

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The No Thru interlocking security temporary fence system is an innovative re-invention of the current typical temporary construction fence. Its main purpose is to offer superior security and safety while simplifying and expediting the fence installation process. Hire, building and construction companies are the target end user.

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  • Current temporary fences rely on a bolt and clamp system to secure each panel together. This requires time for the installation of the clamps, bolts, while tools are needed to be carried by the installer. Security and safety are only maintained while these clamps are tight and in position. As these bolts are easily removed or improperly installed, security and safety can be easily compromised. The challenge was to design a fencing system that can be more efficiently installed / uninstalled, without tools, additional components and fasteners, while offering superior security and safety to the existing offering.

  • To develop a design solution for the challenges presented, a literal ground up redesign approach was taken. Focusing on the foot design, a 45° turn keyway detail was added to where the fence panel's lower vertical members are inserted. The redesigned fence panel has a corresponding key on one of its lower vertical members, while the other vertical, has a keyway. When the keyed fence panel is inserted into the foot and rotated 45°, the previous fence panel is locked in place and so on. Upper panel alignment and security is achieved with a hoop and spigot design detail.

  • The impact of No Thru fence system’s increased security, safety and installation efficiencies are an advantage to any construction site. Current offerings have deficiencies when it comes to security and safety, which can be exacerbated by incorrect installation and easy removal of upper clamps. The interlocking, tool free installation of the No Thru fence system saves time and effort through reducing process complexity. Design impact is also felt by the general population by keeping them separated and safe from live work sites or dangerous conditions.

  • Other key features of the No Thru fencing system include: •Superior ability to contour terrain in comparison to traditional temporary fences though elongated mounting holes in the foot that allow degrees of movement for each panel. •Modular stair panels allow stairs in either direction to be navigated, with the same foot mounting details as the standard No Thru panel. •Use of smaller 25 x 75mm aperture anti-climb mesh enhances fence panel security. •Stackable foot design with interlocking details top and bottom minimise the risk of shifting during transport and allow additional feet to be used at panel junctions for increased stability. •The feet are filled with coal fired power station waste product called fly-ash and bottom-ash. This minimises the co2 emissions from using concrete, utilises a current waste stream and creates a foot with a more manageable weight for manual handling. •No Thru fence panels also designed to nest efficiently and lock together when flat stacked, making them safer during transport. •The design of the standard and stair fence panel has multiple components shared between them decreasing parts count and manufacturing complexities.