Minelab MDS-10, Landmine, IED and UXO Detector

  • 2020

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    Medical and Scientific

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Minelab Electronics

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The MDS-10 combines unique Metal Detection and Ground Penetrating Radar technologies to provide superior results in the detection of metal and non-metal targets in all ground types. The lightweight and collapsible platform enables use in challenging environments.

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  • New core technology was needed to meet the smaller lightweight platform and performance needs of this threat detection product. Minelab researched and developed a Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Digital metal detection solution with unique hardware and software approaches. Creation of intensive signal processing algorithms was necessary to handle the shear amount of data required to transmit and receive at the same time. New power supply and waveform generation methods were needed to minimize power consumption in the battery powered, handheld platform. Graphical, audio and haptic outputs of both technologies on a robust MIL-810G platform, in a fail safe manner was also achieved.

  • The lightweight and collapsible platform enables use of this kind of product in new locations and situations where front line operators were previously having to use less capable products at greater risks to their lives. Minelab partnered with Chemring in the United States to provide the radar hardware. The MDS-10 is easy to operate, even with one gloved hand. The comprehensive User Interface was designed for intuitive operation and minimising operator training requirements. It has a 3.5 inch waterproof and shockproof QVGA display, compatible with Night Vision Goggles, delivering optimal performance during tactical operations.

  • A key advantage for the MDS-10 product was the ability to identify very fine wires often used in IEDs, thus making this ideal for a combined technology threat detector. Metal Detection and Ground Penetrating Radar sensors able to operate independently or simultaneously. The inability to accidentally switch off both sensors, all operator alerts, and the provision of a “heartbeat” during operation, combined with Built-In-Test equipment to monitor and confirm detector functionality, results in ultimate safety for front line operators.

  • There are many choices for modern threat detection products. The MDS-10 is truly universal as it can be used for landmine, IED (improvised explosive device) and UXO (unexploded ordinace) applications.