Milk Christmas Gift

  • 2017

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • Milk NZ Ltd

Commissioned By:

Milk NZ Ltd

Designed In:

New Zealand

With Huffman’s Sauces we created a limited edition bespoke Chilli Pepper, Pomegranate & Orange Blossom Sauce. The three part ‘un-boxing’ journey: ‘Live a little’ (try the sauce); ‘Create a little’ (follow the recipes); and ‘Give a little’ (share a photo & Milk will donate $50 to the Auckland City Mission).

  • To make our audience feel special, we capped our bespoke, limited edition sauce to just 140. The packaging took them on a tactile journey showcasing our packaging and creative skills to reveal our unique sauce. The story printed on the packaging invites them to collaborate over the holidays (when they have more time), and the outtake is to collaborate with us in the future. Food is a shared passion for us and our target audience, and we were mindful of creating a product that stays in their pantry and reminds them of us again and again.