Curious Gastronaut™

  • 2021

  • Communication

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Nalisha Chouraria

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Curious Gastronaut™ is a whimsical game about exploring the world of food through play, for ages 5+. It aims to inspire children to be curious and take that first bite to possibly be rewarded with a surprising discovery and become confident, healthy and adventurous eaters.

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  • Only 5% of Aussie children are getting their daily recommended veg. Children can be suspicious of trying new food and feeding them a healthy and varied diet can be stressful or impossible for parents. They spend anywhere between $70-$150/hr on consulting nutritionists and dieticians to change their child's relationship with food. Although there are games in the market, very few focus on food and none on teaching kids HOW to eat. Additionally, parents are looking for screen-free alternatives that are engaging, educational and provide meaningful play experiences for their children and for families to enjoy together.

  • Children use play to explore the world, why not the food world? Curious Gastronaut™ invites children to become Gastronauts and explore the edible world like astronauts explore space-through curiosity, bravery, exploration, imagination & experimentation. By bringing the endless benefits of play to the table, Curious Gastronaut™ invented a revolutionary method to teach children about food and life skills such as cooking and eating. Although a food game, it makes NO mention of food, gives the child agency and encourages them to reimagine food and experiment from ground up rather than existing recipes, making it appealing to selective eaters and budding chefs.

  • Adventurous eaters grow up to become confident, happy and healthy eaters which leads to a happy and healthy nation. Curious Gastronaut™ is more than a game. It's about providing new, consistent, happy and playful food experiences to children to build a positive relationship with food for the rest of their lives. The aim is to make all things food and eating enjoyable and create healthier futures for families through tiny wins and do it in the most whimsical, innovative and playful way possible. Curious Gastronaut™ is a proud supporter of OzHarvest. Each sale donates 2 meals to vulnerable Australians.

  • Curious Gastronaut™ was created in Sweden and Australia. It is unique in that.. 1. It is the ONLY food game that makes NO mention of food items, appealing to even the most selective eaters 2. Children call the shots 3. It inspires children to be creative inventors rather than recipe followers 4. It makes trying new food pressure-free and outrageously fun 5. It exposes children to new food & food combinations 6. It encourages children to explore using all their senses 7. It helps develop a food vocabulary beyond "yuck" and "yum" 8. It cultivates a positive relationship with food 9. It reinvents family time 10. It helps kids learn HOW to eat rather than WHAT to eat Design features: 1. Infuses play with food seamlessly without becoming a distraction 2. Portable and perfectly sized for little hands 3. The prompts are whimsical & humorous 4. The visuals are appealing, gender neutral & simplistic but not childish, with the intention to stimulate the imagination and trigger joy & curiosity 5. Open-ended cards allow for inclusivity, multi use, endless interpretations and high playability 6. Can be played with or without real food 7. Multiple modes to choose from 8. Perfect for collaborative play