Le Petit Saint

  • 2021

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

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Le Petit Saint

Joseph Hkeik

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We created a brand identity, website, social media strategy and campaign for Le Petit Saint – an avant-garde beauty atelier in Sydney’s Double Bay. Our design goal was to create a brand with a mark that met the vision of Founder Dr Joseph Hkeik and his leading Australian Interior Designer Blainey North.

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Image: photo - www.andrewmaccoll.com
Image: photo - www.andrewmaccoll.com
Image: photo - www.andrewmaccoll.com
Image: photo - www.andrewmaccoll.com
Image: photo - www.andrewmaccoll.com
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  • The visual approach needed to appeal to a high net worth income customer demographic. Our client expressed a strong desire to create a unique brand and mark to position Le Petit Saint as Australia's leading beauty atelier. Both Dr Joseph and Blainey adore Paris and desired to have a Parisian air float through the brand. As a team we always aim to create a feeling of timelessness in our work. To couple this with cutting edge technology and industry trends can be challenging. We were given only 4 weeks to complete the task due to a set launch date.

  • We drew from Blainey's interior design concept to visually guide an omni-channel approach. Ensuring the brand we developed was complementary to the interior space. We merged Art Deco design movements and contemporary typography to create a 'new now' feeling to the brand. To deepen emotional consumer connection we employed a 'casual luxury' approach to the instagram strategy and photographic style. Embedding authenticity and approachability with luxury. We created a website that invited select VIP's and Clientele to experience the launch of the new beauty atelier. Ensuring that visual consistency was paramount from first interaction to first entry to the atelier.

  • Le Petit Saint has been featured in leading magazines such as Vogue Australia & Vogue Living. Le Petit Saint has now been established as, according to Vogue Australia, "The chicest beauty sanctuary". Further going on to say "A slice of Paris has landed in Sydney's Double Bay with Le Petit Saint opening its doors." A steady stream of customers now fill the beauty atelier daily and the brand has gone on to create incredible success for our client. Interior Designer Blainey North going on to complete our design studio "You guys are the real deal crazy wonderful creatives."

  • We took a unique approach to the colour palette. 'Gris de yeux' the colour we see when we close our eyes was chosen along with its inversion 'Blanc de yeux'. This came from our Creative Director Andrew Maccoll's ideation process of what it feels like to close your eyes and be pampered with excellence in a beauty atelier. The brand mark features a 'Trinity' approach. Embedding an 'S' for 'Saint', a 'Cross' to represent Ideology, and a 'Star' to represent the 'North Star' that guides the brand forwards. We aimed to achieve simplicity which at it's core is refined complexity. To create a symbol clearly Art Deco in nature yet a new world first symbol that has not yet been seen and still encapsulates the key elements of the brand. This application was employed to create a memorable experience for atelier clientele.