Masport Heating Bowden Portrait

  • 2021

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    Domestic Appliances

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Glen Dimplex Australia

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The Masport Bowden Portrait is a modern and striking combustion heater designed and manufactured in Australia, for Australian conditions. The heater has been engineered for clean and efficient heat, resulting in a product that is 33% cleaner burning than the Australian standard requires.

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  • Portrait orientation wood heaters are common in Europe, as they have a compact footprint and offer an excellent view of the flames. These models are not generally suited to the Australian market, as they have smaller fireboxes to suit European softwoods, and are typically expensive in Australia. The brief for this project was to create a modern, Euro-style portrait wood heater tailored to the Australian market with excellent heating performance, a stunning large viewing window, manufactured right here at an affordable price point.

  • With the Masport Bowden range, Glen Dimplex has reaffirmed our commitment to Australian design and manufacturing. The core of the heater is the steel firebox, designed from the ground up to simplify the assembly procedure, which combines with the massive glass viewing window to result in a high quality Australian made wood heater that offers exceptional value for money, competing with expensive European rivals on quality and aesthetics, whilst being one of the most affordable portrait orientation wood heaters sold in Australia. The unit is hand built by skilled metalworkers at our plant in Dry Creek, SA.

  • Customers searching for a quality Australian made wood heater on a budget have previously had to settle for more conventional designs, without the captivating full glass viewing window or striking, modern design that Bowden Portrait offers. Customers seeking a Euro-style portrait orientation unit previously needed to spend significantly more to buy a heater that wasn't tailored for the Australian market and wasn't designed to burn Australian hardwood. The Bowden Portrait brings a new level of design to the more budget-oriented end of the wood heater market. It makes good design and Australian-made build quality more accessible than ever before.

  • Bowden Portrait is a convection-style wood heater. The side panels of the heater are raised from the ground to give the unit a light, elegant appearance, and also to allow the intake of cool air. Heat radiates into this space, rising up and venting through openings at the top as hot air convecting into the living space. Internally, a vermiculite baffle helps reflect heat, minimising heat losses up the flue, and contributing to Bowden Portrait's excellent performance figures - 33% cleaner burning than the Australian Standard, 3% more efficient, and a robust 11KW heat output. The large glass viewing window not only gives the Bowden Portrait a captivating visual appeal, but also helps radiate heat into your room. Below the door is a handy storage area for firewood. The output of the heater can be modulated using the air slide control on the top right of the unit, allowing the user to control not only the heat produced, but also the burn time of the unit. Bowden Portrait was fully tested for emissions and efficiency and complies with Australian Standards AS/NZS 4012:2014 and AS/NZS 4013:2014. Safe installation clearances were tested and determined by testing in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 2918.