Magic Carpet Pro

  • 2018

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Syrp
  • Chris Thomson
  • James Allen
  • Samuel Blok

Commissioned By:


Designed In:

New Zealand

The Magic Carpet Pro is a heavy duty camera slider built to withstand the demands of professional film making. Designed with the pro film maker in mind, it produces supremely smooth tracking motion. Portable, infinitely extendable, and ready to go to work even in the most demanding environments.

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  • A heavy duty product ready to carry heavy camera setups, take a beating in the field, but needed to be precise, and feel effortless in use. Aesthetically, it needed to look at home next to high end cameras while maintaining its visual appeal and sense of purpose even after years of abuse. When in use the product needed to be invisible to the film maker so they could focused on the shot they were capturing. The film maker needs to be able to arrive at a location, quickly setup, and start shooting with minimal distraction from their creative purpose.

  • Simple, portable, expandable. The only tracking system that has; flywheel smoothed motion, is infinitely extendable, has a lightning fast quick release system, and is motion control ready via Syrp's wireless motorised controllers. The motion smoothing is incorporated into the central carriage. The smoothing can be engaged and disengaged seamlessly with a push of a button. The endlessly extendable tracks use a unique expanding internal joint. By simply lifting the locking levers the tracks can be engaged and disengaged, maintaining a perfect transition across the join. The slider has a quick release system allowing for instant interchanging of cameras, and accessories.

  • The product continues to lead the market in film making equipment that puts the film maker first, not the camera. Using hidden technology, the product remains; simple, friendly, and approachable. Core values of the Syrp brand. By carefully selecting processes and materials, Syrp can provide a professional grade product, with film maker centered functionality at an independent film maker price point. This brings a high production value tool to transitioning customers moving from independent to professional film making. The real impact, is helping film makers create a higher level of beautiful engaging video content. Inspiring, educating and moving audiences.

  • At first touch there is an instant sense of quality, precision, and strength. The aesthetic of both the look and feel convey the brand values and Syrp's product history, reinforcing the pride of ownership that customers feel as part of Syrp's film making family. Even the simplest of features have been addressed to delight the film maker. Being able to change camera screws with out the need for tools, subtle yet clearly marked instructional cues, a simple indicator letting you know the park brake is on, or reminding you that your quick release plate is missing when you pack your bags. The hidden motion smoothing flywheel also reacts to any sudden impact by disengaging the stored energy to protect the user and gear, no matter what speed it is traveling. Track joiners use a unique expanding internal join that ensure a seamless transition between tracks, and allow for a unisex join. The product carries Syrp's progressive design identity, drawing inspiration from some of the key design details of the past, while helping bridge the gap to the next generation of products. The product can be easily disassembled for repair and end of life.