Maestosa Luxury Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

  • 2020

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • De’Longhi Appliances S.r.l.

Commissioned By:

De’Longhi Appliances S.r.l.

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Maestosa Fully Automatic Coffee Machine is the culmination of De’Longhi’s passion and expertise in coffee machine development. Positioned as the De’Longhi flagship, Maestosa is a unique coffee machine setting new standards for quality, and was designed for our consumers to achieve barista quality coffee, with just one touch.

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  • The challenge was to achieve the next step in terms of excellence to create the premium De’Longhi flagship model. First, to capitalise on the existing expertise of De’Longhi’s technology and innovation, but enhancing the product capabilities to new heights. Second, pushing the boundaries of design and materials, creating a completely unique design with precious materials and innovative finishes. Lastly, elevating the consumers' user experience to provide the ultimate in usability and automation, with more beverage and user options than ever before. Combine all of the above into a luxury domestic appliance within a benchtop footprint.

  • The entire development process was lengthened to almost double the traditional timing to ensure all potential was thoroughly investigated. The result is a dual hopper, grinder, and milk delivery system incorporated into capable of producing two barista quality milk-based coffees simultaneously with an unprecedented level of automation. The unique and luxurious design incorporates a stylish combination of striped and brushed stainless steel, mirrored black glass, and anti-scratch zamac that epitomises De’Longhi design. The usability is enhanced with an intuitive 5” full touch TFT display, able to be swivelled to the ideal eye-level for comfort. Maestosa – It’s all about your coffee.

  • De’Longhi’s Maestosa has been constructed and positioned to align with the premium domestic coffee machine market. The R&D investment in new technology platforms will be leveraged across future NPD roadmaps to maximise the return. The primary impact of the launch of Maestosa will be visible across the effect it will have on brand positioning and consumer sentiment, not just the significant share increase forecast within the positioned price band.

  • Dual Adaptive Grinders: The Adaptive Grinding Technology with electronic grinding regulation allows for precise, consistent and easy to set (from display) grinding, as well as long lasting performance due to the flat, tempered steel burr grinders. Minimal Residue System: Each of the two grinders features a dedicated circuit, to ensure that each blend is ground separately. The system reduces residues in the channel from grinder to brewing unit to between1-2g, brewing only the freshest coffee every time. Removable Variable Brewing Unit: The variable chamber ensures the perfect in-cup results for up to 2 cups simultaneously, whilst considering the parameters selected. First it evenly tampers the ground coffee dose, before pre-infusion ensures the ground coffee is evenly wet to correctly prepare it for the extraction. Next, the water flow is kept at a specific speed and pressure during infusion to avoid under or over-extraction. The unit is easily accessible and removable for cleaning and maintenance. Two Independent Heating Systems: One dedicated to coffee preparation (Thermoblock) and one dedicated to milk/steam. Having two separate, dedicated systems ensures the temperature for each preparation is consistent. It also allows for subsequent coffee and milk/steam delivery without compromising the quality.