• 2020

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • for kids Design Team
  • Lisa Edlund Tjernberg
  • Sylvain Amatoury

Commissioned By: for kids

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Not your conventional lunchbox, the lunchbox has been designed with children and parents in mind. The all-in-one, easy open system empowers children to use their lunchbox independently. A sliding compartment divider and silicone stretch fruit feature combine versatility with efficiency. Pack whole fruit options – no peeling or cutting!

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  • Identifying a gap in our current mealtime feeding range, our design challenge was to create a lunchbox that would stand out amongst competition - by providing parents with a practical solution to wholefood meal preparation whist encouraging independence in children. More specifically it needed to be; easy for children to open/close, simple to pack in/out of a schoolbag, versatile with multipurpose compartments suitable for whole fruit as well as wet and dry food, leak-proof, and easy to clean whilst still compact in size. And it had to look great in the schoolyard! We really had to think outside the box!

  • Our lunchbox design gives parents versatility to provide a range of wholefoods, and children ease of use. The fruit stretch feature minimises preparation, as whole fruits can be packed together with wet/dry foods. Two leak-proof sections store wet/dry foods and the adjustable sandwich compartment provides freedom to suit a greater range of meal preferences. The included gel cooler keeps food fresh. The lunchbox can be disassembled for washing. The carry handle and clip are easy for little hands to manage when using and retrieving from a schoolbag. Hungry children have access to all foods at once, without managing multiple containers.

  • Our lunchbox promotes confidence at mealtimes. Children can easily hold, open and eat independently. The one box design gives a clear understanding of their ‘’day on a plate’ with a variety of colours and textures, to delight and develop the senses. The lunchbox grows with children. The flexible, multi-compartmental design allows for greater diversity of wet & dry food options to cater to evolving individual and global tastes, as well as dietary needs. The lunchbox promotes the use of whole foods supporting healthy options and reducing preparation time and the concern of excessive disposable wrapping.

  • Our lunchbox provides peace of mind to parents. Food remains fresh and healthy throughout the day with the integrated gel cooler, and in-place with the leak-proof seals. Seals have a flat inner surface with minimal crevasses, to keep dirt away from food. The tray is transparent so both child and parent can quickly assess if the lunch box is empty or full, without needing to open it. Our lunchbox can be disassembled for thorough and hygenic cleaning . The internal corners offer a large radius to allow for easy cleaning of food remnants and residue. Made from PP and silicone, the materials are food grade and non-toxic. Our lunchbox can also be disassembled for recycling at the end of its life cycle.