Liquor Loot

  • 2021

  • Design Strategy

Designed By:

  • Joel Hauer

Commissioned By:

Joel Hauer

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Monthly alcohol subscription service, Liquor Loot, delivers three premium, hand-selected 60ml tasters from around the world. Sommelier curated tasting notes accompany each box, helping consumers understand and appreciate each liquor. Consumers are introduced to drops, terminology and flavour profiles together with hard-to-find bottles, enabling them to learn through tasting.

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  • Liquor Loot saw two distinct industry issues to resolve. Consumers facing the fragmentation of the market, with a lack of correlation between perception and price point often leading to analysis paralysis. High price points and diverse nature of tastes force consumers to choose a bottle by label or brand; limiting their ability to find a new favourite. Whilst distilleries struggle to identify a direct path to consumers. To help inform their market positioning, distilleries have to better understand their audiences' tastes, making sampling and feedback around a product from a wide ranging audience is key.

  • The Liquor Loot solution takes consumers on an educational journey understanding their taste preferences and participating in the liquor community. Through curated boxes including three 60ml tasters, frequent deliveries, accessible pricing and expert-led video content, we combine the best of eLearning with a subscription experience that democratises access to premium spirits. For distilleries our solution creates a new marketing channel for their products that generates brand awareness, liquor on the lips moments, and tasting feedback. By creating a Liquor Loot ecosystem vertically and geographically, we attract global distilleries for long term commitments, building a community of passionate and dedicated subscribers.

  • Liquor Loot is a technology and customer-centric focused business, disrupting liquor marketing and consumption. We created a low capital, high-yield consumer-led business, combined with a double-sided market opportunity allowing distilleries to harness unique data-insights inaccessible in retail environments. Considered consumption drives our value proposition; delivering tasters to establish liquor preferences, consumers reduce full sized bottle and opportunity cost wastage. To create 1 full sized whisky bottle, 1000 litres of water is used to irrigate barley. Under Liquor Loot's considered consumption model, the reduction of full sized bottles means a reduction in water wastage by approximately 1 million litres a month.

  • Designed as a playlist model, a Liquor Loot subscription enables consumers to go on a 12 month journey of exploration, taking them from novice to connoisseur within the bounds of their chosen liquor. Delivered to consumers inboxes monthly, our online tasting videos are designed to educate and enhance their experience. The tasting journal's provided to each subscriber, offers them the opportunity to write notes, remembering with their experiences and preferences as they go. Each Liquor Loot pack is designed for sharing, with 60ml as opposed to 30ml tasters, ensuring that you and a friend can learn and experience together, further enhancing the brand's conscious consumption proposition. The versatility of the tasting pack model means Liquor Loot can offer a large range of premium bottles at a variety of price points allowing consumers to trial unique juices that were once only available for collectors and investors, helping to democratise the liquor industry.