• 2019

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions

Designed In:

United States of America

The LEX L11 Mission Critical Lte Device links users to a variety of communication devices and services to enhance safety, awareness and productivity. It can be linked with a two-way radio to enable communications on existing radio systems and also remotely control a hidden two-way radio for covert operations.

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  • Challenge: Provide front line Police officers with relevant information and the ability to communicate without concern for the underlying technology. Mission critical 2-way radio technology continues to be the standard for public safety communication. The emergence of LTE enables a data rich broadband path for first responders to access secure applications for increased situational awareness and productivity. Creating the intuitive handoff between this device and the officer’s two-way radio was a key challenge. Research indicated that physical controls such as a push-to-talk button and dedicated emergency button were demanded by end users for mission critical functionality beyond consumer smartphone.

  • Police officers refer to their two-way radio as a lifeline. The LEX L11 provides a new and versatile lifeline connection. This device functions as a remote control for the existing two-way radio already carried by the user. The user is able to select radio zone, channel, volume and emergency button activation directly from this device. Users can also speak directly into the LEX L11 over the radio network. This allows for more discreet communication as radio transmissions now appear as casual smartphone interactions. The device exceeds consumer cell phone durability expectations for constant use in tough, unforgiving environments.

  • The client is the world leader in mission critical two-way voice communication. The LEX L11 broadens that communication expertise by leveraging the data and application rich environment of broadband while establishing a proper linkage to the lifeline provided by two way radio. This solution enables the client to deliver new communication functionality with the established level of reliability demanded by their customers. Initial sales are promising as agencies see the benefit of a purpose built solution.

  • A generational shift is underway in modern police organizations. Younger officers are comfortable with technology and eager to communicate and share information using touchscreen smart devices. Older officers continue to see the need for purpose built devices, such as two way radios, which convey the clarity and reliability of instant voice communication. The LEX L11 serves these two user sets without alienating either one. The collaborative nature of the solution benefits each without excluding the preferred procedures of either. Public safety communication is expected to be fail-safe and is therefore on a methodical path as it integrates traditional two-way voice radio with the information and data power of broadband. The LEX L11 is an important part of this evolution as it provides a path for both established and emerging technologies.