Atdec Ora Monitor Arm

  • 2023

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Ora is a fully-featured monitor arm developed to provide enhanced ergonomics in modern commercial workspaces, designed for curved and flat displays up to 35”.

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Image: Luc Rémond
Image: Luc Rémond
Image: Luc Rémond
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  • Monitor arms have become a core fixture in workplaces that prioritise the well-being of their staff. Often paired with sit-to-stand desks, they allow users to quickly adjust the position of displays to minimise fatigue and maximise comfort throughout the day. Many workplaces are now deploying curved and ultrawide displays for their productivity benefits. Most competing solutions cannot support the unique mechanical demands of these wide and deep displays, and those that do cannot deliver the value and utility desired by the commercial workspace market.

  • Behind Ora’s sleek, minimal aesthetic is a unique “monocoque” architecture that delivers exceptional torsional strength to withstand twisting forces applied by deep and wide displays. A balanced tilt mechanism allows users to effortlessly select their preferred viewing angle without requiring further tension adjustment following installation. Ease of installation has been prioritised, and commercial fit-outs can be completed in less than 1 minute. Parameters such as arm rotation, display rotation and tilt tension all remain accessible and easily adjustable by the end user even after a display is mounted.

  • A considered set of user-centred features and contemporary styling result in a product with an unmatched value proposition, positioning Ora as a top contender among industry leaders. Ora is designed to last, and, with its economical part count and considered material selection, its performance far exceeds its economic and environmental costs. This is backed by our ten-year warranty. Ora has been designed for disassembly and recycling with no composite parts used in the assembly - all components can be quickly and easily separated and disposed of into separate material recycling streams.

  • Building on Atdec’s 25 years of experience and expertise in the effective implementation of display technologies in commercial settings, Ora also includes: - A novel quick-connect display attachment mechanism that enables large, heavy displays to be safely and securely installed and removed with two hands. - Integrated toolless 180° arm rotation limiter to prevent interference with walls and workstation dividers. - Concealed cable management down the length of the arm. - A single, standard 4mm hex key, used across all adjustment points and can be stored inside the lower cable management channel.