Legrand Securit LED Emergency Lighting Exit Sign

  • 2016

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Tony Berland

Juan Moreno-Alamo

Designed In:


Exit signs are a ubiquitous element of the architectural landscape that must comply with legal sizes and pictogram constraints in order to give indications of exit routes in the case of an emergency.

Legrand Securit LED Exit Sign is tamper resistant: designed to avoid using its diffuser as a sharp stabbing element, making this product the perfect solution for institutions and correctional facilities.
Combining unobtrusive, sleek design and the high level of engineering, Legrand Securit is the perfect tamper resistant solution for any challenging application.

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  • The Legrand Securit LED diffuser perfectly fulfils its primary function by complying to the Australian standards for emergency lighting providing the right level of illumination on the pictogram. Designed and manufactured from flexible thermo plastic material, the Legrand Securit diffuser provides the right level of illumination and also has high elasticity. This elasticity feature ensure the diffuser cannot be broken into sharp stabbing elements, making this product the perfect solution for institutions and correctional facilities.

  • The Securit LED Exit Sign is held together by special stainless steel Resitorx security screws. Virtually impossible to remove without the special matching screwdriver, the Resistorx anti tamper security screws feature a star shaped design with central pin. This feature prevents the use of a standard screw driver to disassemble the device or gain access to its internal elements.

  • In order to prevent direct contact with internal elements in the case of vandalism, a 6mm thick molded protective shield covers the device and prevents contact with live parts.

  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in Legrand's factory in NSW, the electronic engine of the Securit Exit Sign offers a dual rate charging system ensuring an optimum level of battery operations. Legrand Securit is not only offered as a standalone product, it is also available with Legrand's innovative wireless emergency monitoring technology (Axiom), for reduced installation and maintenance costs.