Nectre Form 1

  • 2022

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

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Glen Dimplex Australia

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The Nectre Form 1 is a thoroughly modern rethink of how a compact wood heater should be, inspired by the past. Despite Form 1’s tiny footprint, it is a powerful combustion heater and surprisingly practical, thanks to its deep yet narrow form factor.

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  • Compact wood heaters are often inherently compromised by their small dimensions. Commercially available firewood is typically cut to a length between 350 and 400mm – longer than most compact heaters can fit. The brief for this project was to create a no-compromise, extremely modern compact wood heater – minimum footprint, maximum practicality and heating efficiency – designed and made here in Australia.

  • Taking inspiration from classic European stoves of the 1940s, Nectre Form 1 has a narrow, deep firebox that firewood can be loaded lengthways into – which means that despite being only 300mm wide, owners can easily fit large pieces of firewood for a long burn time. Form 1 also has an innovative twin spigot design, exposing the cast iron top directly to flames from below – delivering a hot, even surface for cooking. Form 1 can be connected to outside air to suit modern air tight houses. The unit is hand built by skilled metalworkers at our plant in Adelaide.

  • Nectre Form 1 represents a truly unique offering in the Australian wood heating landscape. There is no other heater available in this market today with Form 1’s narrow, deep form factor. Form 1, together with Nectre Form 2, are the first Australian made wood heaters that can be connected to outside air, which make them perfect for installation in modern, air tight houses – a segment that will only grow. Its unique combination of impressive performance, heating efficiency, practical cooktop and tiny footprint make it perfect for use in compact, sustainable eco-housing – a new market for wood heating

  • Nectre Form 1 has been fully tested for emissions and efficiency and complies with Australian Standards AS/NZS4012:2014 and AS/NZS4013:2014. The firebox is lined with vermiculite, which helps reflect heat, raising firebox temperatures for a clean burn. A stainless steel burn manifold at the top of the firebox introduces preheated air directly above the fire, which ignites to help burn off smoke and gases that would otherwise go up the flue. This helps Form 1 achieve excellent performance figures – 53% cleaner burning than the Australian Standard and 10% more efficient, with an impressive 7kw heat output. A cast iron door and top plate contributes to the clean and premium design. The narrow, deep firebox was designed to fit large logs. To maximise usable space, Form 1 has a curved pane of flame resistant glass, with an air wash system to keep the glass clean and feed air to the front of the fire. Form 1’s outputs can be modulated with an air control below the door. This single control manages the amount of air fed to both the top and bottom of the firebox. This allows users to control the amount of heat produced and the burn time of the heater.