Logitech Lift Ergonomic Mouse

  • 2023

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Logitech Europe S.A.

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Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

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  • With a science-driven approach to design, Lift was created for inclusive audiences in terms of size, button placement, and color. A left-handed version addresses the needs of this underserved audience and can also be used by right-handers to alleviate discomfort in their usual mousing side, by switching to their left hand. Made with over 50% recycled plastic, Lift was optimized for sustainability. Our unique approach to ergonomics is to find the sweet spot ensuring ergonomic improvement and comfort without compromising on desirability.

  • The 57° angle proved to be as comfortable as approachable so that every user feels invited to use Lift. The rubber surface with textured lines at the back of the mouse was designed to offer the coziest and relaxing grip.

  • Lift innovative design is all about offering ergonomics without compromising the ease of use.

  • Sustainability is at the heart of how Logitech develops products and Lift was optimized in that regard. The mouse is made with recycled plastic (i.e., plastic parts include 70% of recycled plastic for the Graphite Lift, and 54% for the Rose and Off-White colors). The paper packaging of Lift comes from FSC (i.e., Forest Stewardship Council). Finally, Lift is certified carbon neutral.