KOMPAN Cross Systems

  • 2017

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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With Cross Systems, we wish to inspire people to engage in a healthy and happy lifestyle by providing them freely accessible places to train alone or in groups, and by offering trainers a centered area to teach their workout classes outdoors.

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  • Cross Systems is designed as an open and inviting structure equipped with innovative fitness equipment ranging from suspension trainers and pull up bars to free weights and parallel bars. The six different standard frames can stand alone or be placed as joined structures, ideal for group training. Thanks to the wide variety in standard frames one can always create a composition that fits the needs of any targeted user group. The surfacing design is an integrated part of the overall concept, and an important contributor to the content for exercise and fitness. Finally, both the surfacing and products are all protected by an international patent.

  • Cross Training is a very effective form of training that mixes and matches the best of various sports, resulting in diverse and complete training sessions. Strength, coordination, endurance, flexibility and agility are all skills being improved through Cross Training. To make it easy to get started, all frames have big signs with 15 different exercises at three different difficulty levels.

  • Central to Cross Systems is scalable resistance, allowing everyone to train according to individual levels of fitness. Training intensity can be determined in three different ways: • By adjusting the body position to add more or less resistance • Opting for a light/medium/heavy weight to train with • Simply adjusting one's speed of movement.

  • Safe free weight training in the outdoors through an innovative patent pending breaking system. The different weights move freely up and down a vertical tube, featuring a magnetic breaking system that offers controllable resistance, and prevents the weights from dropping to the surface and slows down the fall to a reduced pace.

    To allow users of all ages, fitness levels and abilities to make optimal use of Cross Systems, all products feature individual QR codes linking to animated exercise tutorials. For full training support, users can access the KOMPAN App. The App functions as an online personal trainer, guiding users on exercise and nutrition, while motivating them to stay active. The app also facilitates social interaction between users and trainers. It includes a social wall, where tips and experiences can be shared, and a calendar system where people can coordinate scheduled group workouts.