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KOMPAN Fitness Institute

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Get an intense upper body workout with KOMPAN’s Arm Bike. Designed to be inclusive, this arm bike was developed in Denmark to offer a highly versatile, fully functional and wheelchair accessible solution that can be used in a standing or seated position. Users also have the ability to adapt their workouts across ten resistance levels, making every workout effective.

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  • Universal design and inclusive equipment are fundamental to KOMPAN's DNA. It was KOMPAN's desire to create a unique cardio product that was appealing and functional to different user demographics. However, designing a product that accommodates various factors can impose several design constraints. For the Arm Bike to be successful, the design needed to offer ergonomic features, such as; 360 degree handles, an adjustable seat, a frame that accommodated for a wheelchair, and a standing position that would appeal to top athletes. Furthermore, the system needed to include adjusting resistance and workloads to create meaningful workouts.

  • The Arm Bike is genuinely inclusive. The frame design is highly accessible and enables wheelchair users to move closer to the mainframe. The ergonomic seat supports optimal positioning for short and long exercise sessions and caters to all body statues as it can be adjusted to meet the desired height. The standing position is ideal for high-intensity interval training. The system is self-powered and has an adaptive resistance system, which automatically increases or decrease depending on user outputs. The automatic resistance can be manually overwritten with KOMPAN's Cardio app that connects via Bluetooth and offers interchange resistance across ten levels.

  • Quality fitness spaces offer immense health, social and economic benefits and are abundantly crucial for the parks and leisure industries. These spaces activate and unite communities and help to reduce socioeconomic inequalities, promote socialisation and inclusion for all ages and abilities. Additionally, the Arm Bike is perfect for unsupervised public spaces or designated outdoor recreation centres or even sports clubs as its free and easy to use.

  • KOMPAN's patented design features an electric motor that functions as a generator to resist the user input force. The electrical current generated is then connected to a resistor and controlling unit that can vary the amount of resistance from the motor instantaneously, meaning the resistance is smooth and immediate. The system is also sensitive to load resistance. The controlling unit takes input from the user's force directly e.g., if a user is peddling fast, the control unit will increase the load on the motor to provide more resistance. Conversely, if the user is peddling slowly, the controller senses this and decreases the load. To help users track or enhance their performance, users can connect to KOMPAN's Cardio smartphone application via Bluetooth. This technology advancement sends signals to the motor and allows the resistance to be adjusted immediately. Instant feedback from the control unit is available and enables users to track performance.