Stanley Rogers – French Oven Grill Duo

  • 2022

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    Housewares and Objects

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Fackelmann Housewares

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The French Oven Grill Duo improves upon a traditional French oven by integrating a grill pan, roaster and bread cloche in one product while reducing messiness, improving storage and simplifies oven-to-table serving. Designed for cooks who want to achieve several cooking techniques without cluttering storage space or compromising performance.

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  • With kitchen space at a premium, consumers look for multifunctional products to do more with less. The challenge was to design a product that could perform multiple cooking techniques without compromising performance. Second, overcoming user frustrations for a finetuned experience – traditional lids with a knob can only be put down one way which makes a mess, moving a trivet to reposition a hot pot takes multiple steps, traditional shapes don’t store compactly. Third consideration was value; it had to be prices competitively and represent the brand overall positioning. Value also incorporated a ‘buy once for life’ approach towards sustainability.

  • Multifunction was incorporated: lid is also a grill pan and can also be used to roast on; using the body and lid upside down it becomes a bread cloche. Compact storage: the lid stores under the body allowing another pot to be nested inside. Common frustrations: an in-use wet lid can be placed upside down avoiding mess; magnetic trivet created to allow one-motion repositioning of a hot pot; raised crosses create the perfect X pattern on grilled meat and secondly cause self-basting when roasting; black enamel interior doesn’t show stains over time. All at an accessible price point.

  • The French Oven Grill Duo’s fresh design maximises space and does more with less, whilst addressing the demand for quality cookware at an affordable price. The timeless aesthetic, suitable to a wide range of kitchen designs, and its durability, including the stain-resistant interior enamel, combine to make this a once-off purchase. Commercially, it is the brand’s second most widely distributed cookware, including Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

  • French Oven Grill Duo has additional unique features: Raised crosses in the grill - Drains fat from food when cooking. Secondly, fat can then be drained from the grill from any angle vs. a traditional, one-directional design - Create a foolproof distinctive pattern - Self-bastes moisture and flavour back onto food when roasting as evaporation occurs Flat lid - Reduces drips on the benchtop by allowing the lid to be placed upside down on a surface - Optimises storage space by being able to be store upside down under the pan - Is compatible with all heat sources, including induction Quality enamelled surfaces - Easy cleaning, stain resistant - Require no seasoning - Naturally stick-resistant, without synthetic coatings - Beautiful gloss finish - Move seamlessly from kitchen to table Thick cast iron base - Optimally distributes heat for even heat and consistent results Magnetic Trivet: - Enclosed magnets ensure adherence to the cast iron base and lid - Allow the cookware with trivet to be carried and placed anywhere without separately moving a traditional trivet - Protects kitchen surfaces - Avoids burns from holding casseroles longer than necessary due to not having a safe surface to place it down