Koala Timber Bed Base

  • 2018

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Koala Team
  • Mitch Taylor
  • Deborah Park
  • Adam Harrigan
  • Genevieve Rossi, Tom Fleetwood, Vikram Viswanath, Demetre Triafitis

Commissioned By:


Designed In:


The Koala Timber Bed Base can be delivered in less than four hours, will take less than four minutes to build (regardless of your experience), takes no tools and will move with you. It also looks incredible.

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  • We started out with a simple design challenge: to combat the excessive complexity and lack of reliability in assembly and disassembly to meet the lifestyle of today's consumers. Our research indicated that the majority of our customers move every three years, discarding product on the street when they had to relocate. We at Koala think this needn't be the status quo. Our challenge was to build product that would not only be good to look at, but also easy to assemble and move when the time comes.

  • There have been a couple of challenges that we've had to overcome in our brief. First-up, we wanted to ensure the bed base could be assembled without tools. This would help it remain attractive for a wide range of consumers as well as make it easier to disassemble to move further down the track. We focused on employing lightweight, small components that could be put together by any adult while also ensuring it'd be fun to put together to provide a personally-rewarding experience and give the builder a sense of empowerment.

  • Fundamentally, Koala has invested in simplicity. A honeycomb construction minimises material wastage, while still offering strength and breathability. We've remained focused on not wasting timber by using a honeycomb structure that's lighter than plywood, which also makes it easy to move. It provides support where needed, with weight reduction where possible. Better yet, by designing something so elegant, we avoid additional unnecessary costs. We feel good design doesn't need to come at a cost and by starting with a blank slate, we feel we've developed a blank slate; a canvas that you can incorporate into your life

  • We looked into how people use their beds and found the majority of customers sleep with a mobile phone within reach. So we designed cable-routing to enable charging nearby. We also realised Australian conditions require ventilation to prevent mattress molding; so we designed that in. We also designed a pillow shelf at the head of the bed, so you don't have to put pillows on the floor. (Let's face it, most people put excess pillows on the floor -- at least, that's what our research has led us to believe!). We've also built in a 70mm overhang, which is enough for a glass of water or phone. Koala's bed base will handle up to 600kg and has rounded corners, with recessed supports to give you the illusion of floating in space.