Bosch Accent|Line GlassDraft Integrated Ventilation

  • 2022

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    Domestic Appliances

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The Bosch accent|line GlassDraft integrated ventilation fuses premium design with ultimate flexibility. Creating a spectacular design highlight, the GlassDraft ventilation module opens new opportunities for kitchen planning, while providing advanced functionality resulting in the perfect ventilation solution for modern kitchens. A seamless design to complement your Bosch accent|line FlexInduction cooktop.

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  • The challenge was to create a premium ventilation appliance that was seamless and sleek, while providing an alternative to overhead rangehoods that would achieve a clean and minimal aesthetic. It had to provide the ultimate design flexibility without compromising on ventilation performance, while at the same time offering intuitive features and advanced technology that would integrate into any smart home. To provide freedom in kitchen planning, the design would need to remain understated and almost invisible even when in use, so as not to obscure any view or conversation while cooking and entertaining.

  • The GlassDraft module is a perfectly resolved design solution, transcending what was thought possible in kitchen ventilation. Designed to be positioned directly behind the accent|line FlexInduction cooktop, the steam and odours are extracted right where they originate. The near-invisible glass panel rises only when in use and is edged with decorative LED-illumination to reflect your chosen atmosphere in the kitchen. Incredibly powerful and with intuitive sensors, a V-shaped air curtain is generated behind the glass panel, resulting in incredibly effective steam extraction. GlassDraft is a ventilation solution that doesn’t interrupt the joy of cooking and conversing in the kitchen.

  • The Bosch GlassDraft module opens up new opportunities when it comes to kitchen layout. It encourages freedoms not offered before, as the placement doesn’t hinder the natural flow of the kitchen. The perfect solution for open plan kitchen spaces, it can be installed right where you need it, even discreetly in an island bench without interrupting any views, unlike a standard overhead rangehood. The glass panel is not only an impressive aesthetic detail, but works with special air nozzles to create a negative pressure that greatly improves the ventilation performance, all while keeping noise to a minimum.

  • •The GlassDraft module offers fantastic extraction directly behind the cooktop, regardless of pot height and position. •Decorative LED illumination creates atmospheric lighting. Select a colour to match your mood. With the Home Connect app, you can also choose from the entire RGB colour spectrum from the palm of your hand. •Guided Air provides increased extraction performance from all cooking zones. •To ensure that the rising steam can be extracted from all cooking zones, an air curtain is generated behind the glass panel; resulting in cleaner air in your kitchen. •PerfectAir sensor continuously monitors the air and automatically adapts the extraction rate. •Easy to clean and dishwasher safe filters. •Matching FlexInduction cooktop (PXY898DX6E) for premium kitchen aesthetics and functionality. •The smart connectivity with the matching accent|line cooktop, will automatically activate the GlassDraft when you begin using the cooktop. You can also connect and control the GlassDraft using the Home Connect App. •A whole lot quieter, the EcoSilence Drive uses strong permanent magnets, with almost no power loss due to friction. It’s efficient, quiet and long-lasting too. Save energy while keeping the peace in your kitchen. •The new Glass Draft module won the 2020 reddot Design Award.