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Klip Desk Studio enables sports leagues and broadcasters to automate their video production workflow, getting highlights in front of their fans in seconds.

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  • Sports consumption has changed. Fans are moving away from full-game television broadcasts to short-form videos on social media and apps. Here lay our challenge. The brief was to speed up the process of creating and publishing video content, so that sports obsessed fans can watch the latest highlights faster, and rights holders can create more value for their sponsors.

  • We kicked off by rethinking the entire video production workflow - from creation to distribution. We then brought the entire workflow into one product, using automation to speed up or completely remove multiple steps from the process. By analysing match data feeds, we were able to automate the process of clipping highlights from live video streams. Each highlight is cut at the correct start and end points, then saved instantly with detailed metadata. In less than a minute, an editor can select the best highlights, edit them together with titles and sponsorship graphics, then publish across multiple digital channels.

  • By automating incredibly time consuming tasks, Klip Desk Studio allows video editors to dramatically increase their output. Rather than creating a single highlights package for each match, they can create multiple variations that are personalised for different audiences and channels. They can also go deeper with their content, comparing the highlights of individual athletes, or automatically publishing every goal to their apps in real time. The resulting impact is an increase in video views and more, better engaged fans. This allows rights holders to create new revenue streams from their content and deliver more value to sponsors.

  • *Match centre* The match centre is an innovative dashboard for the live game experience. Users can watch multiple games, edit and post highlights, create multi-clip packages and monitor how their posts are performing, all without leaving the page. *Automated highlights clipping* Match data feeds are analysed for patterns to help determine the best way to cut highlights from the live broadcast. Editors can make quick adjustments in the trim tool, where match data has been embedded into the timeline to make editing even faster. *Effortless organisation* Every highlight from every game is automatically tagged and saved to the Klip Desk library. Users can search for highlights of any type, player, team or match. They can create collections to save the best highlights for later use. *Edit highlight reels* Our drag-and-drop editor allows users to quickly combine multiple clips, apply custom cropping, text overlays, motion graphics and transitions. Further, templates can be created, enabling editors to instantly apply the same effects to any video. *Publish in seconds* In a few simple steps, videos can be published from anywhere within the app. Users can publish across multiple digital channels at once, with custom video templates applied to each one.