Dot Advisory

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

Designed By:

  • Creative Director - Colin Haining
  • Creative Director - Tim Lynch
  • Designer - Chris Sutevski
  • Developer - Tatiana Vassilieva

Commissioned By:

Dot Advisory

Designed In:


Dot Advisory is a team of advisors and accountants who support entrepreneurs to grow. The brand was designed to be an interrupter in an often safe industry and speak to the target audience in a relatable and clear way.

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  • Dot Advisory website was designed to shift perceptions of the team in the accounting and market, and reposition the organisation to appeal to a more specific demographic of entrepreneurs and younger audience. Our team developed a strategy to position the team as the disruptor in the accounting market. The strategy involved delivering a name, identity and website which shifted perceptions for the organisation beyond solely accounting to a full service, strategic business advisor.

  • Our team developed the name Dot to reposition the organisation as a business partner who takes the complexity out of running a business. The website uses playful copywriting to communicate the pain-points often shown in entrepreneurs and communicates with their desired target audience. The website structure speaks to the concept of connection and meticulous attention to detail to connect-the-dots between passion and profit.

  • By positioning Dot in this way, the organisation has broken new ground on how an advisory can be against competitors. Running a successful business is challenging and requires hard work and planning to stay ahead of the competition. The website is structured to ensure the reader is getting the information they need quickly so they can focus on what matters most. Information and advice can change so quickly and it can be challenging to stay up to date. The Dot website features an 'Insights' section to provide clients with relevant information and guidance.

  • Animated graphics are used throughout the branding to communicate planning and getting from point A to point B in an effective and timely manner. The suite of graphics were designed to accompany text. The animated graphics translate to large static elements in print and are used in accompaniment with clever copywriting to put the focus on the client and their journey in business.