Baby Bottle with Air Valve

  • 2023

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The baby bottle designed for newborns. When put upside down, the air-valve on the bottom can balance air-pressure, minimizing unwanted air intake when the baby sucks milk. We also introduced uneven thickness to the nipple’s formerly uniform cross-section, imitating the irregular contact surface of the areola to facilitate babies’ sucking.

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  • The most common problems in using baby bottles are choking on milk, flatulence and difficulties in cleaning. Many solutions have been proposed to avoid the first two, but not all are effective. Our design objective is to offer a practical solution that is also easy to clean.

  • After extensive product tests and experiments, we observed a decrease in milk choking and flatulence symptoms. The part where the nipple imitates the areola has an uneven thickness, which can deform more easily and facilitate the baby’s sucking. The air valve can be installed and detached quickly for easy cleaning. The valve’s silicone bottom coating protects the bottom edge of the glass bottle and reduces noise when placed on a table.

  • Current baby bottles with air valves fail to achieve an overall simplistic structure that is easy to clean and install and lack regional protection for the bottom of the bottle. When using nipples with uniform thickness, it is hard to adapt to babies’ needs. The baby will often choose to suck on artificial nipples and have adaptation problems when switching to breastfeeding.

  • 1. Detachable, easy to clean air valve 2.Prevents flatulence 3.Uneven contact surface to ease sucking