Kenwood Chef Sense Campaign

  • 2016

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • Focus Creative, Production: South Sydney Media, Director: Gemma Lee, Props, Casting and Styling: South Sydney Media

Commissioned By:

Kenwood Australia

Designed In:


The brief was to reinvigorate the brand and introduce a new generation of cooks.

The strategy centered on a move away from the products features-and-benefits and towards it being an enabler of people’s lifestyles. That approach led to the ‘Create More’ campaign.

Deliverables: TVC and (4 x digital story content

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  • Research highlighted that Kenwood customers are not clearly defined through demographics alone, but through behaviours. We used this campaign as an opportunity to reach out to new customers by telling the stories of three generations and how they prepare food. We learned that Kenwood customers, whatever their age, take time out of their busy lives to make food from scratch. The food they make can be many things, from a moment of self indulgence, to an effort towards a healthy lifestyle or an expression of love. Food can be celebrated and shared. With Kenwood you can Create More.

  • Usually a client wants their product to be the star of their paid air time. Kenwood however, understood the need to hero the people and not the product. Through the ads, it is self evident that Kenwood products are the means to a very tasty end. The delicious and mouth watering food prepared by our heros is made possible using Kenwood products; the products therefore only appear in the videos whilst in use by the characters. This campaign was only made possible by a client who acknowledged that customers buy Kenwood products because they want something else, a pavlova, a cake, a tasty treat to impress friends…..

  • The composition, light and camera work in this campaign are second to none. They all work together to seamlessly deliver an intimate insight into the lives of our customers. In 60, 30 and 15 second grabs a story is told. Stories of late nights and early mornings, rushed hellos and lingering goodbyes, healthy snacks and indulgent dinners - life is composed of textures and stories and this campaign gives viewers something that they can relate to and enjoy watching.