Treetops Adventure

  • 2022

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

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Trees Adventure

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Treetops Adventure is Australia’s premier outdoor adventure group, operating fourteen parks across Australia. Previously known as Trees Adventure, the group acquired their main competitor – TreeTops – and approached Self-titled to unite the two businesses under a new brand.

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  • The outdoor adventure park sector suffers a lack of differentiation of brand expression – dominated by visual tropes and clichés such as ‘George of the Jungle’ style graphics and silhouettes of harnessed figures. The challenge for Self-titled was in creating a new brand identity that broke out of the sector, reflected the business's market-leading position, and provided a flexible system to scale to new parks or activities. It also needed to appeal to a broad audience – from 3 year old newbies to seasoned adrenaline junkies.

  • The new logo is a literal interpretation of the name – merging an upward arrow and a tree to create an iconic new mark. The icon dynamically resizes to represent different visitor abilities and is endlessly reinterpreted through illustration. The icon grows in height to denote the difficulty levels of each course and is a device that becomes a large part of the overall experience through the park's signage.

  • Self-titled successfully delivered a brand system which is simple, impactful, and easy for internal teams to roll out across new parks and activities. Treetops Adventure have since been acquired by publicly traded adventure tourism company Experience Co. Already operating many activities across Australia and New Zealand, their vision is to become the largest and most respected adventure tourism company in the world. Encouraging more people to experience outdoor activities improves mental and physical health while promoting an appreciation for our natural environment.

  • A key point of difference for Treetops Adventure is the numerous courses designed to challenge participants at all ages and skills. We refined the existing difficulty colour system (based on ski runs) and used arrow-trees which progressively grow as the activities get harder. The brand icon literally changes to represent all abilities.