ITM Dashboard

  • 2021

  • Digital

Designed By:

  • Kelsey Willcocks, Quentosity
  • Quentin Van Heerden, Quentosity
  • Chris Cowling, ITM Tauranga

Commissioned By:


Designed In:

New Zealand

To design a complete despatch management system for ITM, New Zealand’s largest independent building supply network with over 100 stores in the co-operative. The custom-built system oversees the entire despatch process from the order to delivery for trade, commercial and residential customers.

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  • A challenge we faced was the digital literacy level of the user as it ranged from low literacy level to medium. Also, the dashboard needed to be used without any hindrance by people whose hands, fingers and finger tips are tough. Plus, it needed to be as reliable as having years of paper records in case of an audit and so the trackability of every piece of information and data had to be flawless.

  • We designed a custom built despatch system that not only achieves the above, but also eliminates profit leakage and risk of theft, whilst at the same time enhancing the trackability of products and boosting user accountability. The system allowed management level oversight and live data of every step of the despatch process. At any time, a driver can be tracked and a whole picture seen of delivery, pick up and picking, set against key metrics of delivery numbers, non-deliveries and damages.

  • The environmental impact is the elimination of paper and landfill material such as printer cartridges as that data is all in the dashboard. Also, the despatch officer can use the framework to plan and track routes to ensure fuel efficiency, thus eliminating unnecessary travel costs. The dashboard has been built to significantly reduce profit leakage, achieved through the precise trackability of stock movement, faster handling and damage reduction as hazards can be tracked and thus avoid a recurrence. Despatch officers can make smarter, faster decisions about routes and deliveries because they have rich, live data.

  • The dashboard has a dedicated app solution for picker, driver and the loader. It is a fluid, step by step approach to sign off. A despatch officer has functionality and oversight of the entire operation, through a web based framework that seamlessly integrates into the accounting CRM. From an executive and management point of view, they have a live running dashboard that at any time provides information around core data that includes scheduled deliveries, pick ups, picking progress and the location of drivers. Please note: in the supporting materials that follow, we are unable for client confidentiality reasons able to provide login details. We have, however, provided a comprehensive user journey in the images. Thank you in advance for your support with this. It's very much appreciated.