Issho Dining Table

  • 2020

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Alinta Lim

Commissioned By:

King Living

Designed In:


King Living is proud to introduce the Australian designed Issho Dining Table. Meaning ‘together’ in Japanese, the name reflects the design’s form where individual base parts unite harmoniously below the tabletop, as well as the social function of a dining table being the cornerstone point of gathering in a home.

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Image: Felix Forest
Image: Felix Forest
Image: Felix Forest
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  • An exploration in the versatility of form to strike balance and aesthetic poise, with a single-standing repeatable element (a leg) that can be easily re-configured to allow for the widest range of finished top sizes & shapes. The Issho table system is defined by its sculptural base, which gives the table it's unique character. A complete pedestal configuration can support a substantial overhanging top, with the option to separate the fins for a dynamic & expressive stance that changes from every observation angle.

  • Molded in rigid structural foam around a central steel spine, Issho’s lightweight legs are crafted in a way that allows for great formation flexibility. Each individual leg can connect to the same tabletop in up, down, front and back facings; each of the 4 positions dramatically transforming the structure’s sense of volume and space. A complete pedestal configuration sits round and grounded like a tree trunk supporting a substantial overhanging top. Or, separate the fins outwards for a dynamic and expressive stance that changes from every observation angle.

  • The Issho Dining Table has been developed with sustainability in mind with all components designed so they can be easily removed or replaced if required, extending the lifespan of the product beyond any individual component. The dining table can also be completely disassembled at end of life. King Living continues to deliver on it’s promise to customers through applying the King Design principles of timeless style, modularity/flexibility, convenience & serviceability.

  • Also a first for the King Living collection, the Issho Table is offered in a rotating Lazy Susan table top option which we hope will resonate with customers in our newer markets, following store expansion in Malaysia and China, as well as a first North American location in Vancouver. Adjustable foot caps come default to level out uneven floors. An additional floor plate offered for extra stability on plush carpets and soft flooring. Issho also introduces a new ceramic marble into the King Living range which offers a marble look with superior durability and performance for a lower price point. The table top is offered in a range of sizes and premium finishes that can be matched with dining chairs from King Living’s range, in full choice of fabrics and timber finishes to complete the setting. True to King Living’s ethos ‘where Living is King’ the Issho table is designed for gathering, conversations, and celebrating the best things in life.