Intelect Mobile 2

  • 2020

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The next generation in Electrotherapy rehabilitation. The Intelect Mobile 2 is the result of a 45,000+ hour design and development investment led by ‘the-voice-of-the-customer’. All elements redefined and enhanced, smart user-friendly touch interface, quick access buttons, central intensity-precision control dial, optional battery for mobility and improved ergonomic applicators. Intuitive, portable and strikingly styled, the Mobile 2’s focus on enhanced usability enables therapists to deliver smarter diagnosis, management and treatments at the point of care.

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  • Chattanooga approached D+I with the challenge to establish the next generation in electrotherapy devices. The Intelect Mobile 2 platform needed a progressive new design and enhanced usability. Evolving on the established Chattanooga design language - aesthetically pleasing, representative of a high-value product, and inspired by design advancements in usability outside of traditional medical device design. The Mobile 2 needed to enhance user-experience for both clinicians & patients, and meet the expectations of different global market preferences, standards and regulations. The Mobile 2 needed to be portable, meeting the emerging need for transportable devices, enabling patient treatments in both clinical + out-of-clinic environments. Development needed to be stage-gated with choices based on real user feedback, focused on improving use efficiency and reducing use complexity (minimalist hardware + software UI, LED indicators - glance to understand, less configuration). The Mobile 2 needed to incorporate advanced electrotherapy technologies for enhanced performance in a smaller terminal size. The Mobile 2 platform need to be adaptable - Single Modality (cost sensitive configuration + single purpose use) + Multi-Modality (Combo: electro stimulation + ultrasound).

  • Radically redesigned with focus on human-centered principles + user testing sees a new minimal user-interface + GUI, smart touch screen, quick access buttons, LED reactive central intensity-precision control dial, improved ergonomic applicators, and is highly portable for treatments outside the clinic (in-built battery + carry handle + light-weight). The main terminal unit sets a new standard in medical device styling, featuring a large curved high-polish black IMD surface with reverse detail printing, paired with blue LED's for a high-tech modern aesthetic. The Mobile 2 has been upgraded with wireless connections + bluetooth enabling data-sync between devices and wireless software updates. All elements have been rethought and redesigned through a 'voice-of-the-customer' development process to boost the usability + desirability of the Mobile 2 whilst improving the use efficiency and reducing use complexity. The Mobile 2 features enhanced electrotherapy technology and is available in multiple configurations (single modality + combo) suited to clinician needs.

  • The Intelect Mobile 2 sets the new standard for electrotherapy rehabilitation devices. The Mobile 2 introduces a light-weight, ergonomic and mobile electrotherapy rehabilitation terminal for use in both clinical and outside-the-clinic environment (i.e. Bed-side, Aged Care, Athletic environments). The Mobile 2 has been designed and developed through consistent user-testing to meet the expectations, preferences and regulations of major global markets. The state-of-the-art new generation aesthetic, interface and enhanced internal rehabilitation technologies boost usability, desirability whilst improving use efficiency and reducing use complexity, resulting in better treatment experiences. The Mobile 2’s focus on enhanced usability effortlessly guides therapists to enable smarter diagnosis, management and treatments for patients at the point of care.

  • • The Mobile 2 COMBO (Multi-modality): Fully equipped for rehabilitation therapies; including 5 waveforms for use: Inferential, VMS, High Volt, Asymmetric biphasic TENS and Symmetric biphasic TENS; for ultrasounds the COMBO allows 1 and 3 MHz ultrasound frequencies and two channels of electrical stimulation output. • The Mobile 2 STIM (single modality): TENS - Symptomatic relief of chronic pain + Management of post-operative pain. NMES - Muscle re-education + Increasing local blood supply + Relaxation of Muscle Spasms + Maintain/increasing range of motion. • The Mobile 2 ULSTRASOUND (single modality): Relief of pain from muscle spasm + Relief of pain from joint contracture. Relief of pain associated with ligament + Sprains, tendinitis and muscle spasm • There is fully functional 1 and 3 MHz ultrasound frequencies and two channels of electrical stimulation output. • Ergonomic design - Head Terminal Unit (Bearing driven smooth-flow intensity precision control dial with rebate), full colour 7" high resolution touch screen, high tactility quick access buttons, lightweight and mobile with ergonomically designed handle, option custom carry case, optional cart with storage drawers + large wheels. • Full colour 7" high resolution touch screen • Intelligent interface with touch buttons and interactive lights indicating status of device or port • Suggested Protocol Setting (SPS): built in suggested protocols based on currently available clinical evidence. Custom protocols can be stored • Anatomical library with high-resolution images for patient explanation • The series has been designed with functionality and the future in sight. Import and export data via wireless connection (Bluetooth) - upgrade systems with the latest software releases. Treatment data can also be stored and shared. • Dimensions: 340 x 355 x 150 mm / 3.1kg