GroundProbe Presents RGR-Velox

  • 2022

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GroundProbe’s RGR-Velox (Reactive Geohazard Radar) is a high-precision monitoring and alarming solution designed to detect tailings dam failures or other geotechnical hazards, as they occur. It provides early alerting and alarming to on-site mine personnel as well as nearby communities to give them warning and time to evacuate.

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  • Each year the global mining industry produces billions of tonnes of tailings. This bi-product waste material is contained in tailings dams – some of the world’s largest engineering structures – and pose a serious threat to mine staff and surrounding communities if they collapse. During the past 50 years, 63 major tailings dam failures have been recorded worldwide, with approximately 2,375 people losing their lives. These failures have also resulted in catastrophic economic, environmental, and social impacts. The RGR-Velox has been designed to detect, track, and alarm on tailings dam failures as well as other moving geohazards like landslides.

  • GroundProbe’s RGR-Velox sets a new global standard for safety around r tailings dam breaches and large slope failures. It does this by detecting, tracking and alarming on moving geohazards such as tailing dam failures – as they occur - warning mine operators and surrounding communities through our dedicated geotechnical analysis and alarming software platforms. These platforms can be synced directly to mine site alarms, lights, and sirens, instigating early action or evacuation as soon as a collapse is detected. The RGR-Velox completes four scans every second, capturing the entire scan area (90° x 40° scan area) every time from up to 5.6km away.

  • RGR-Velox offers the most extensive coverage than any other Doppler radar in the market allowing smaller movement or collapses to be detected across broader areas and longer ranges sooner. Safety-critical by design, the RGR-Velox is designed to detect the slightest geotechnical movement such as tailing dam breaches, slope failures or landslides to provide timely warning and evacuation. By allowing a mine operator to customise their alarm triggers or thresholds, RGR-Velox provides the information needed to make critical decisions to ensure the safety of staff and surrounding communities. Currently in operation globally, including in Australia, Brazil, Chile and Canada.

  • Highest precision – Capable of detecting small objects from long ranges (0.3m x 0.3m object from 1km), detecting movement as small as just 0.05m per second, and with the finest resolution and angular precision (locating the object to a precision of 0.2° x 1.7m), the RGR-Velox sees more and sees it sooner. Fastest scanning, real-time data – The RGR-Velox completes four scans every second, capturing the entire area every time to provide actionable information as it happens. Longest range, extensive coverage –With a 5.6km range and a 90° x 40° scan area, RGR-Velox offers the most extensive coverage area across a far greater area than any other Doppler radar in the market. Field-proven reliability – With a design based on efficiency and reliability, the RGR-Velox is built with precision military radar technology, incorporates an integrated all-weather camera, and has no moving parts, making it ideal for use in all-weather and harsh environments around the world. Customisable alarms – Alarm conditions can be set using a multitude of thresholds, stackable parameters and filters across multiple zones, providing mine operators with the confidence they will not miss a failure, avoid false alarms, and be prepared for immediate action or evacuation.