Multifunction Mixer Tap by Billi


Billi’s Multifunction Mixer Tap (‘the tap’) is designed to provide instantaneous filtered drinking water and mains fed hot/cold water, from a single fixture installation. End-users of the tap occupy residential dwellings or commercial premises with new; or retrofit to existing; Billi boiling, chilled & sparkling filtered water system installations.

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Image: Scott Williams, Xentronics
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  • The design brief for Billi’s Multifunction Mixer Tap were rudimentary yet remain pillars of the Billi business. The tap had to be made safe, sustainable, simple, space-saving and stunning. The genesis of the brief comes from the push to increase density of residential dwellings and the emergence of a ‘new and flexible’ workplace. Preserving the health & safety of the end-user while adding value through a more intuitive UI, multiple functions or applications, a smaller footprint and aesthetic enhancements is vital in attracting talent to the workplace, utilising small spaces effectively or capturing the best price for a residential development.

  • Previous solutions required two taps, or integrated tapware restricted to using off the shelf components. Hampered by short and squat tap bodies, wide necked spouts with a pronounced bell or trumpet-like appearance at the outlet, simple fixes were not readily available, requiring almost 11 months of focused investment innovating designs of the aerator, tap body manifold and spout to yield a streamlined solution with high tap body, slimmer continuous arc from spout to outlet and a simplified and dynamic touch sensitive UI on a smaller footprint. The tap is also fully retrofittable, connecting to existing Billi under bench systems.

  • The design impact of the Multifunction MIxer will be realised in both Residential and Commercial environments. By enhancing the overall aesthetic, improving functionality and increasing access to drinking and washing water for all parties, the Multifunction Mixer gives customers greater choice in their fitout selections. By offering the product as a stand-alone solution with full retrofit capabilities, customers can experience the enhanced product without the egregious practice of requiring full purchase of a whole system or investment in two fixtures.

  • The tap is compatible to five instantaneous filtered water product families in Billi's range, (Boiling Chilled & Sparkling, Boiling & Chilled, Boiling & Ambient, Chilled & Ambient and Chilled & Sparkling) providing a suite of options for end-users to achieve a single fixture sink space installation, depending on their desired product type. The tap has a range of up to 9 special finishes, allowing users freedom in the palate they select for the space. Selected finishes are also PVD coatings where available, promoting manufacturing sustainability. The tap has been designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. Material selections include silicone tubing free from VOCs, stainless steel and ‘lead-safe’ brass to ensure compliance to future ACBC initiatives for health of end-users. New safety lock indicator to promote clarity in safety message, lock indication changes to green from red to advise the boiling water is available for dispense, “red for no, green for go” The tap is available in a round gooseneck and square gooseneck spout profiles and is 5-star WELS rated The drinking water UI has a press-hold for dynamic dispense and double-tap feature for automated dispense, with a 20 seconds timeout feature and 140 degrees of movement mitigating waste and splashing outside of the sink space.