Integrity Life – Customer Centric Insurance Platform

  • 2019

  • Digital
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Integrity Life Pty Ltd

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Integrity Life is life insurance, but not as you know it. Integrity was created out of a desire to fundamentally disrupt the industry. By blending our expertise and technology we have created products and a platform for the digital era, so our partners and customers can interact anytime, anywhere.

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  • A trust gap exists between life insurers, advisers, intermediaries, customers and the community. Integrity's aim is to restore this trust by focussing on what matters to our customs and co-creating the solutions. Our customers want simple and transparent products, pricing and experiences; human sensibilities and consistency built into processes; digital when they want it, and people when they don't; to work with values aligned organisations; and to have their role respected in the relationship. This demands a new type of life insurance software. One that is real-time, fully integrated and always-on, with an interface designed around customers' needs.

  • To achieve the design objectives we had to be bold in our approach to software. In a traditionally conservative and highly regulated industry, Integrity Life's insurance platform pushes the boundaries to provide a fully integrated, real-time always on solution. The solution comprises a number of best of breed applications. Each application is "API enabled" and deployed independently to the cloud. APIs are exposed to a state of the art front end via an API Gateway which manages security. The fully integration solution enables advisers to quote and apply for even the most complex insurance policies end to end in real-time.

  • Life insurance is an essential part of protecting people and their loved ones. Our systems and experiences make it easy to understand not only the product customers are buying but the process they go through to buy the product. Our platform is a fully integrated life insurance platform with a user experience designed around how advisers and our internal staff like to work. Simple and efficient systems that make advisers' lives easier will increase loyalty. Simple and efficient systems that make back office processes simpler and more automated means we can be more relevant and keep costs down.

  • Life insurance is traditionally very conservative. To be effective we realised early on that we had to push the boundaries and question many of the established industry norms. Not hampered with many of the legacy constraints face other insurers we were able to deliver a solution that most other insurance organisations can only aspire towards. 100% cloud. We are the only licenced life insurer in Australia that is 100% cloud based. This has enabled rapid innovation and a test and learn approach to developing our solution. Full devOps processes. The solution can be automatically deployed to our development, testing and production environment at the touch of a button. We can deliver new features into the platform on a weekly basis. Once only data capture. We never ask the same question twice. Data is only captured once and passed to all applications that require it. Real-time pricing. During quoting, any change to the quote will instantly result in a new price allowing advisers to easily adjust the quote to meet the needs of the customer. Auto-save. Like Google docs, all data is saved, all the time, automatically. An adviser can never lose their work.