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  • 2021

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    Web Design and Development

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Expression Australia

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Expression Australia, formerly known as VicDeaf, is a not-for-profit organisation and ambassador of Deaf culture and Auslan. Their website promotes the organisation to the Deaf and hard of hearing community, helping them find interpreters, learn Auslan, manage hearing loss, improve speech, access assistive technology and find employment.

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  • Expression Australia identified several challenges that impacted user accessibility. These included an outdated, clunky and difficult-to-navigate website that didn't meet web accessibility standards. Its content was primarily in English and contained very few Auslan videos, which made it extremely difficult for Deaf users to navigate. Overall the website simply did not represent the interests of Deaf and hard of hearing people in a competitive NDIS landscape.

  • Yump attended Deaf awareness training before embarking on the project, to gain insight into how Deaf and hard of hearing people navigate the world. The website was redesigned and redeveloped on an easy-to-use Content Management System using a user-centred, bilingual and bicultural approach. The design process included conducting usability testing and focus groups with Deaf and hard of hearing users to gather real-world insights. Short, sharp Auslan "signpost" videos that appeared as thumbnails on cards were extensively used to help Deaf users navigate the website, resulting in 205 Auslan videos across the whole site.

  • The transformation from almost none to 205 Auslan videos has delighted the Deaf community, with members holding up the new website as an accessibility showcase in Deaf community forums. The introduction of text and Auslan live chat led to over 60 monthly chats, with increased activity around booking Auslan classes, showing strong uptake of Deaf-friendly channels to access services. The website experienced a 38% increase in users, 24% increase in page views and 6% decrease in bounce rate. Increased engagement with the Deaf and hard of hearing community allows Expression Australia to demonstrate more impact and secure more funding.

  • Other key features include: - Live text and Auslan (video) chat that allows Deaf users to talk to Expression Australia using their preferred language; - "Send a video mail" allows visitors to record a video of them signing in Auslan to communicate with Expresion Australia instead of filling out a form; - Functionality improvements include a Service Locator, a Shopify-integrated online shop, Raisely donation platform and training management to help visitors sign up for Auslan classes.