Industrica Tapset

  • 2017

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    Hardware and Building

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Inspired by the Industrial Era, the detailed and authentic Industrica Collection embraces natural materials, architectural lines and an organic quality expressing a modern aesthetic of knurled surfaces and rumbled textures.

Industrica’s unique design language flows seamlessly throughout the range bringing cohesion and sophistication to kitchens and bathrooms in every home.

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  • Our artisans pay particular attention to the finer details. Knurled surfaces and rumbled textures embrace the unique aesthetic elements that Industrica offers. The range of tapware and showers is complemented with a range of matching accessories continuing the industrial look. Each component is engineered to work seamlessly in balance with one another. Industrica's perfect proportions allow architects and designers to create visually uniform design-inspired bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Inspiring any imagination, Brodware offers a variety of custom finishes that can be applied throughout our Industrica Collection. Over 20 custom finishes, including Weathered Brass and Brushed Brass, are available to create an authentic industrial atmosphere in your bathroom and kitchen. Industrica provides two different design themes with the round cog-like wheel or the lever option. This bespoke service enables us to customise and combine selected finishes and products in a variety of ways to suit your needs. Brodware products span multiple styles, pleasing to the most discerning eye and resulting in spaces where functional living is as personal as it is sophisticated.

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia, Brodware's kitchen and bathroom design solutions are carefully prepared to be compact, engineered to be complete and crafted to the highest quality. We are so confident of our Australian quality that the entire Industrica Collection is covered by a 20 year warranty. All tapware is manufactured under an audited quality control system compliant with Australian Standard AS3718. Easy to use Easiglide® is a Brodware tap engine utilising the latest in ceramic technology. Special lubricants allow smooth operation and precise temperature control, whilst ensuring reliability and low maintenance. Industrica, for today and tomorrow - a modern design classic engineered to last.

  • Solid brass material is the elemental core of every piece within the Industrica Collection, giving substance, reliability and form. Unlike lesser chromed zinc and plastic alternatives, solid brass construction ensures durability, longevity and trouble-free operation. Our specially formulated Dezincification corrosion-resistant brass preserves water quality for both consumption and bathing.

    Wise water use is a natural result of the high efficiency of our products which ensure performance well above industry standards. This is made possible through Brodware's patented Broclean® water management technology exploiting constant flow controls unaffected by pressure variations. The WELS scheme in Australia helps monitor the waste efficiency of water flow products and Industrica excels with consistently high star ratings for water saving.