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  • 2022

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KOMPAN’s Strength Training Machines are a game-changer when it comes to outdoor fitness. With the same biomechanics and resistance mechanisms as indoor selectorised strength machines, the Chest press, Pull Down, Leg Press, Shoulder Press and Horizontal Row enable users of all ages and abilities to achieve highly effective workouts outdoors.

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  • WHO states, 75% of adults aren't physically active enough, and seniors or people living with disabilities are generally less active, contributing to declines in physical, mental, social and health. The uptake of outdoor fitness is increasing; however, until now, strength machines equivalent to indoor equipment haven't been available. For strength training to be effective, intensity should be at 65% of maximum capacity, meaning users should use a resistance where they cannot do more than 15 repetitions. By taking popular indoor strength machines outdoors, KOMPAN has made it possible for users of all ages and abilities to achieve effective strength-training experiences.

  • Given the harsh and uncertain conditions that outdoor fitness sites can endure, KOMPAN needed to develop solutions that would withstand the test of time whilst offering functional, ergonomic and safe strength experiences. This was achieved by developing: •A fully enclosed cabinet that is inclusive of all mechanical stops •An adjustment mechanism for selecting weight (5-80kgs upper body machines & Leg Press 20-130kgs) •Innovative handles that fit different user heights without the need for adjustment offer functional variations and ergonomic hand positioning. •Seats and backrests with spine inserts and chamfered edges to promote comfort level not seen before in outdoor fitness

  • World Health Organisation recommends that individuals under the age of 65 need to undertake 150-300 minutes of cardio at a moderate intensity level and two full-body strength sessions per week. In addition, it is increasingly crucial for seniors over the age of 65 years to complete three strength sessions. Including KOMPAN’s strength machines within public environments helps promote inclusivity, accessibility, and healthy lifestyle choices, as users will be able to achieve maximum fitness efficiencies freely in a safe and user-friendly manner without a gym membership.

  • Enclosed within our submission, you will find a copy of the pending-patent design. In addition, Product Sheets for all of KOMPAN's Strength Training Machines have been enclosed.